Whistling past the graveyard, Franklin County style

When last we left the Norm McAllister saga, he was threatening legal action against the State Senate if it suspends him from his official duties. He claims that a number of his constituents have talked of filing suit. As I noted, this would just prolong the agony for Senators, for Republicans, and especially for Franklin County Republicans, who are stuck with this tar baby.

Well, VTDigger’s Jasper “Son of Jay” Craven spent a few happy hours getting in touch with the county’s other lawmakers. And all of them, shockingly, denied that a court battle was in the works.

“Nobody has expressed a plan or a desire to take legal action,” said Rep. Carolyn Branagan, a Republican who represents Franklin’s first district. “I think it’s exactly the opposite, the people with whom I know and have spoken to want this over.”

… Franklin Republican Reps. Albert Pearce and Larry Fiske, Independent Barbara Murphy and Democrat Kathleen Keenan also said they hadn’t heard anything about a lawsuit until McAllister’s remarks Wednesday. Nor had Claude Cheralier, the Highgate chair for the Franklin County Republicans.

Rep. Corey Parent joined the chorus, and expressed the increasingly forlorn hope that McAllister would come to his senses and resign.

Well, see, here’s the problem.

All it would take is someone willing to file suit. Someone loyal to McAllister who believes he is innocent. And I’m sure those someones are out there. And I’m sure they aren’t talking much with the party regulars who desperately want him gone.

Norm McAllister is far from the sharpest tool in the Statehouse shed. But anyone who manages to get elected to the Senate has friends, cronies, and donors with some measure of loyalty to, and/or friendship with, their man.

Any registered Franklin County voter would have standing to file suit. What are the odds that there isn’t a single McAllister denialist in the whole county with enough scratch to underwrite a lawsuit?

They’re pretty long. So I don’t put much stock in all those professions of ignorance.

3 thoughts on “Whistling past the graveyard, Franklin County style

  1. John A. Burgess, Sr.

    The law case by a voter in Franklin County has a good chance of holding off a decision until the criminal justice system has the final say — as it should. Remember, he is presumed to be innocent

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      And as I’ve said all along, there’s a difference between presumption of innocence and fitness/ability to discharge the duties of office. And there’s enough stuff on the record to make a decision on that front.

  2. newzjunqie

    December 18, 2015 at 1:25 am
    Lawsuit? Ha! Idle threats, mere bluff & bluster. Sources from news account(s) say he’s claiming constituents want to sue but … don’t have the money … then further claims he doesn’t have any himself either [???] Oh, and he doesn’t even have the money to “evict the tenents”. The more he says & does displays a blind arrogance.
    Soo, as Jake Blues said to the Penguin “I guess you’re really up shit creek” senator.

    Just wants to kick the broken lives from their home to the curb like garbage sacks and get on with his life and career. Wow.

    Ppl say nutty things when losing their marbs. Appears to be appeal for pity minus taking any responsibility while still claiming to be the victim here. “I’m on the floor and you kick me in the head” Project much senator.

    Senate colleagues have acted as ambassadors only to be accused of “bullying” by McAllister. Meanwhile the apologists aiding & abetting this drama acting as enablers all while spouting high and mighty rhetoric behind the flimsy facade of ‘right to fair trial’ knowing full well it is pure bullshit. The ones with legal backgrounds know better.

    Studiously avoiding the facts & that a temporary suspension is nothing more than what could be expected of any official esp a “lawmaker” who is unable to do the job for whatever reason or brings a media circus to the workplace. Flory claims if lawmakers are distracted that’s their problem [???] As his senate supporters make specious and silly arguments rationales are equally as ridiculous. Weird behavior like bending over backwards to protect elitist club and its members quite a spectacle.

    Rules, laws and ethics are only for you little people we do what we want – suck it up peasants.


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