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The Unofficial VTGOP Gift Catalog For Our Brave Vets

As you may recall, the Vermont Republican Party has scheduled a rally/fundraiser for mid-January in Barre. Food, fun, silent auction, speeches, all yours for a generous donation to the VTGOP.

Oh, and also: the event is billed as a salute to US military veterans.

“Salute” and that’s about all. They won’t be sharing the proceeds with a veterans’ charity. They aren’t even asking attendees to write a separate check to a vets’ cause. Instead, they are urging people to “bring an unwanted Christmas gift or purchase an article of clothing to be donated to local veteran organizations.”

Yeah, show a vet you care with the worst item you found under your tree.

But some Republicans might be left in the lurch. What if they don’t get any bad gifts, so they have nothing to offer? Well, as a public service for those unfortunates, theVPO hereby provides some truly terrible suggestions. Let’s start with something practical.


Ah yes, get yourself all clean and ship-shape with a truly disturbing bath accessory. You fill the big plastic nose with green (of course) shower gel, and when you squeeze the nostrils, a gob of “snot” soap comes out. Hahaha.

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Donald Trump is the apotheosis of modern Republicanism

I suppose it shouldn’t surprise that a super-wealthy real estate developer would run for President promising to turn America into a gated community.

Really, this is where Donald Trump’s rhetoric has been pointing since he launched his campaign by calling for “the greatest wall you’ve ever seen” to keep out Mexican criminals and rapists. His latest stand, for a ban on Muslims traveling to America, is of a kind with the Mexican wall. It’s just one tick crazier.

But after all the crazy shit Trump has said, the ban on Muslims was the straw that broke mainstream Republicans’ backs. Some Republicans, including a lot of Vermonters, sensing that the Crazy Line has been crossed, have finally criticized Trump as being out of step with true Republicanism.

Well, there’s a problem with that. It’s not true.

Donald Trump is, in fact, the inevitable end product of the past two decades of Republican and conservative politics.

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