Julie, we hardly knew ye (UPDATED below) (UPDATED again)

Minor sidelight, but entertaining. The Phil Scott campaign has a small but vociferous band of supporters on Twitter. Among the most frequent tweeters are John Quinn, Thomas Joseph, Hayden Dublois, whoever ghostwrites the @PhilScott4VT account, and someone named Julie Kennedy.

jk-bioKennedy presents herself as a dedicated ticket-splitter, a presumed liberal who’s voting for a lot of Democrats — but not Sue Minter. According to her Twitter bio, she lives in Brattleboro and just opened her Twitter account in August of this year.

Remember the “Brattleboro” part, because Julie just screwed up. She posted a photo of her ballot, showing votes for Phil Scott and Randy Brock (more on that below).

But the ballot was not from Brattleboro, it was from Washington County District 1, which includes Northfield and Berlin. More than a hundred miles from Brattleboro.

“Julie” later deleted that fateful Tweet, but not before Brandon Batham, field director for the Vermont Democratic Party, preserved it for posterity.


Either “Julie” just committed vote fraud, she doesn’t live in Brattleboro, or the Twitter account is a fake.

My money’s on the latter. “Julie” appears designed to encourage liberals to vote for Phil Scott, since “she” elsewhere endorses various Democrats.



“Julie” had second thoughts about Bernie after he went and endorsed the harlot of Babylon Minter:


And she lost faith in David Zuckerman after his 2013 comment about the National Guard was discovered by the GOP oppo-research team.


And then there was the time that dear sweet “Julie” called me a dirty name:


Oh “Julie,” do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

I have no idea who’s behind the “Julie Kennedy” curtain, but I will point out one bit of coincidence: the aforementioned John Quinn is a resident of Washington-1. (See Update #2 below.)

Of course, a lot of other people live in Washington-1, so leave us not cast undue aspersions.

How long till the “Julie Kennedy” Twitter account goes dark? Pretty soon, I’d think.


Update #1: Another pro-Phil Scott Twitter account, @vtbuzz, has been deleted. 

Update #2: John Quinn denies he had anything to do with “Julie Kennedy.” Apologies for any unfair aspersions. 


Update #3: The “Julie Kennedy” Twitter account has been deleted.


11 thoughts on “Julie, we hardly knew ye (UPDATED below) (UPDATED again)

  1. Robert Haskins

    This brouhaha has all the fingerprints of VTGOP’s Jeff Bartley, he’s got plenty of experience setting up bogus social media accounts and he voted for Obama in 08′.

  2. ApacheTrout

    There are at least a couple of posters over at VT Digger who similarly describe themselves as life-long Democrats who are voting for Phil Scott. This makes me think there’s a coordinated effort to deceive the public about the broadness of Phil Scott’s appeal.

    1. walter carpenter

      “This makes me think there’s a coordinated effort to deceive the public about the broadness of Phil Scott’s appeal.”

      Oh, yeah there is and it’s funny to watch them. I wonder how many of them are paid by the GOP. I’ve found one, for example, who lives in Connecticut and pretends to know Scott like a good friend and says that she is an independent thinker:) What a laugh.

  3. Jeremy Hansen

    There is no one named Julie Kennedy registered to vote in Washington-1 or in Vermont, for that matter. I should point out that Phil Scott lives in this district, too.

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      And it’s not Kramer either. Look, I said it wasn’t a big deal. Indeed, if those fake Twitterers came from the Scott campaign, then I’d have to say they were wasting their time. It’s just an interesting sidelight.

      Which a lot of people found interesting, by the way. Had a big uptick in pageviews over the last three days.

  4. James Mason

    Oddly, “her” twitter bio also includes the tagline “The person with two first names”. While Kennedy …can…technically… be a first name, it’s not very common. But there certainly is someone running in this race with two common first names.


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