Tweetblocked by Meg Hansen

You do remember Meg Hansen, the far-right ideologue who’s being paid to craft messaging for the Vermont House Republicans?

Yeah, she just blocked me on Twitter. She’s also blocked at least one prominent Democrat who had presumably given her some blowback for her obnoxious, Christianist Tweets. Which must be a bit of an embarrassment to a VTGOP trying to hold onto a fig leaf of mainstream credibility.

Well, here’s one more embarrassment: the last Tweet I shall ever see from the keyboard of Ms. Hansen.

Meg Hansen tweet

Aww, that’s nice. No time for sincere condolences or “thoughts and prayers,” just straight to scoring political points, eh, Meggle?

Oddly, her diagnosis of the “underlying cause” has nothing to do with homophobia.

Let’s see. An attack on a gay nightclub, and homophobia is not a factor? Not even a little bit?

If the Vermont Republicans had any sense of decency or proportion, they’d disassociate themselves from this little cauldron of hate. Or at least stop paying her for “strategic communications.”

And a note to my readers: If you follow Hansen’s Twitter feed, feel free to pass along screengrabs of her future literary efforts. Me, I’m cut off.

She’s so brave, standing up to Islamic extremism via Twitter and proudly labeling herself “Politically Incorrect.” And fearing the consequences if the likes of me can actually read her stuff.


17 thoughts on “Tweetblocked by Meg Hansen

  1. Jack Rubenstein

    Dude, your newfound obsession with Meg Hansen is gross. Sure, she’s cute but I looked at her profile and I think she’s married yo. She’s way younger than you which ups the grossness but then, it could be the Shummy effect. Hate writing about conservative women is still hate FYI.

    What is Christianist? You make up words now along with lies? You seem to be obviously offended that she blocked you. Why? What did you do to her? Sent her pictures of your junk I bet. LOL! Dude, no one wanna see dat! I’m looking at the feed and you’re lying man. I see retweets about feeling pain for the bodies in the night club with their phones ringing or something. I’m confused now. If this woman is fighting Radical Islamic Terrorism, then that means homophobia as well. Doesn’t it, bitch? The world knows that radical Islamism includes major ass homophobia. ISIS throws gay men to their death off buildings. In most Islamic nations, homosexuality gets death penalty. What are you on!

    The tweet you show btw says nothing. It’s a stupid non tweet. You are projecting your own shit trying to make some twisted meaning of it. I bet no friggin Dem got blocked too else you would have written his name.

    You know if Meg Hansen turns out to be a Muslim chic, I’d be ROTFLMAO. The joke’ll be on ya! I bet she is too. There’s no proof she’s not. You are (A) threatened by this chic, (B) crushing on her, (C) picking on women because you think you should and can, (D) super duper bored, (E) are a dumbass fucker. I’m gonna say all of the above.

    You got the balls to say sumthin’ back to a man, bruv? Nah, you’d rather pick on some gal. Fucking coward asshole!

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      What, I haven’t “said sumthin’ back to a man” in this blog? Peter Shumlin, Phil Scott, John Campbell, Dick Mazza, Bruce Lisman, David Sunderland, Peter Galbraith, Pat Leahy, Lawrence Miller? Etc., etc., etc.

      Otherwise, man, there’s so much hate packed in that comment, you should seek professional help.

    2. newzjunqie

      Well big guy what are ya gonna do — beat up the VPO? Where’s your little army or will just one take him down. And duuude, *your* newfound obsession with Meg Hansen is gross & would bet Ms. Hansen needs no fainting couch. Oh btw did she ask for your freakin help. May I suggest ya stop struttin’ around like Foghorn Leghorn & just ask her out or leave the fightin’ words to her (or other half)?

      Newsflash: We womenfolk need no patriarchal pissingmatch to defend us — so last century, now come armed and dangerous & perfectly capable of operating a shootin’ iron. Welcome to the 21st misterman! We ex-apron wearers stand on own feet nowadays & take it like any man as most of us don’t have the luxury of some faux macho bravado-boy to stand for our tender sensibilities as we cower behind our jaypan fan.

      FYI Mister-man: social media, blogosphere, Twitterverse not for the faint of heart — we are all fair game — yes that means even we-the-weaker-sex. If the ladyfolk cannot take it there’s plenty of knitting and a cold lonely kitchen with apron awaiting our return.

      And VPO — hope you can now see why we need those nasty guns, don’t really recognize it unless a women as we are vastly outmatched — and sure come in handy for self-defense. As can plainly be seen by Mr Macho-mans’ example the only thing certain individuals respect and much easier than troubling oneself with fighting these bullies off b/c as women don’t stand a chance. Not saying shoot first but if a few shots to the air fail to warn — the choice is their own.

      1. newzjunqie

        Point being that hater-boy sounds a bit unhinged & clearly displays violent tendencies, hence the name and also no anger management. And don’t think this first visit — sounds remarkably like a recent visitor…and tendency of twisted tighty-whities over political views…and stalking.

        Good news is doesn’t fit the profile of “Nice guy…kept to himself…but always said hello” — unsure which version is worse.

        Well…um…reason for the AK is to avoid being outgunned by another AK & AR & should have weapon for each door. I assure you gun owners esp here in VT are responsible ppl who recognize the gravity of using arms.

        What bothers me is that Orlando shooter was on FBI radar as others also have been — shouldn’t local LE be apprised?

      2. John S. Walters Post author

        Well, um… (1) there was an armed police officer in the club when the killer started shooting, and that didn’t help. (2) You want multiple people with assault weapons firing rapidly and randomly in an enclosed space? Are you trying to prevent mass murder or just increase the body count?

  2. Mike Pollarbusch

    You fear the consequences of non-uber leftist looney tunes reading your stuff and reacting. Or you would not need to police every comment before posting. Teapot calls the kettle black.

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      I just can’t win. If I don’t respond, people accuse me of ducking them. And now if I do respond, I’m “police[ing] every comment.

      Which, first, isn’t true; I post the majority of comments without response. And second, it’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to.

  3. Mike P.

    How does Ms. Hansen’s tweet score political points? It’s a standard medical analogy applicable anywhere. She is brave to stand up against Islamic terrorists. It takes courage to show solidarity with the many oppressed sisters in the Islamic world. These women have no rights or say in anything. I read in the news about a woman in Qatar who was raped recently. She’s been arrested for adultery. Can you believe that? Barbarism in the 21 century. It is brave to stand up against bullies and hate groups. Even you look down upon it.

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      Brave? BRAVE?????????????

      Sending a Tweet is bravery?

      Good God. Somebody knock Joan of Arc off her pedestal and make room for Meg Hansen, Super Tweeter!

      Also, it’s not at all “brave” to callously ignore the actual victims of the shooting.

      1. Dave Katz

        Here come the Keyboard Kommandos, marching as to war! Let’s just hope the rage meter in their heads doesn’t hit 11, forcing them to go grab their shootin’ ahrns and dispense some o’ that frontier justice they love so much….funny how seldom one hears those “uber-leftist looney tunes”-type people sputtering such dark apocalyptic bullshit. Get some therapy, you guys.

    2. newzjunqie

      No one who tweets or blogs is “standing up to Islamic terrorists” behind a keyboard or is brave sir. And *you* are not brave either by defending the not-so-brave. We cannot stand with our “oppressed sisters” from behind a computer screen, and no sir it does not take bravery to type or tweet nor has Ms Hansen spoken for self but once again macho-men putting words in mouth. Standing for any ideology in the comfort of peacetime America is not brave either, slamming those you disagree with from comfort of computer does not take bravery either.

      Newsflash: I’ll tell you who’s brave — the *real men* and *women* fighting them in combat *unlike yourself* who will come home with broken lives & commit suicide at the rate of one per hour after being abandoned by the VA sytem. Our manchurian potus created and armed them rather than getting us out — welcome to the new ‘Nam, just like the old one — same ‘Nam different century & new inferno to send our young men & women into to keep Military industrial Complex alive and well. We went over there and stirred the pot, Obama has done far more than Bush to make our world unsafe. Another weapon of mass distraction.

      1. Dave Katz

        It’s only kinda hard to tell what the fuck you’re trying to say. I seem to keep nodding off.

      2. newzjunqie

        Who cares Dave, I sure don’t. There are posters I *never read* b/c they have nothing intelligent to say, that is unless it’s a reply…um, not mentioning any names here…so just don’t read them, maybe? Suggest you lay off the ax grinding, at least temporarily, might not be be *as* sleepy? If you smoked more maryjane might not be so grouchy? But what does she know, right?

  4. Henry Finn


    Such is the nature of the GoP and the conservative and evangelical right. The goal is always to twist words and events into ideological themes that make the right seem like the good side, whilst attempting to tear down any other reasonable argument.

    I must imagine, since I was but a gleem in ’64, that this atmosphere of bigotry and derision must have been what it was like 50 odd years ago.

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      And when Trump says we need to “Make America great again,” he wants to return to the good old days when men were men and they could tell dirty jokes and be racist without suffering any consequences.

  5. chuck gregory

    It’s sad that people such as these aren’t mellowed by living in Vermont. You would hope that living among people who go the extra mile, who co-operate with their neighbors to achieve and maintain a coveted lifestyle would shed the fear- and hate-based animosity toward entire peoples based on fear mongering. But no. Sometimes the underlying impetus is too ingrained.


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