Here’s another sign of the VTGOP’s “moderation”

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s one guy who tends to provide comment and reaction quotes to the media on behalf of the Vermont Republican Party.

No, it’s not Phil “Mr. Leadership” Scott. It’s usually not Senate Minority Leader Joe Benning. Sometimes it’s VTGOP chair David Sunderland. But more often than not, the Republican quote machine is none other than House Minority Leader Don Turner.

Meg Hansen, from her LinkedIn page. (Fair use!)

Meg Hansen, from her LinkedIn page. (Fair use!)

And there’s a person at the controls of the Turner Quote Machine. Her name is Meg Hansen. She handles “strategic communications” for the House Republican Caucus. And she has a very enlightening Twitter feed, for those who still think Vermont Republicans are really a different breed than their national counterparts.

This is the kind of person who’s crafting the Vermont Republican message these days.

She’s been harshly critical of Syrian refugee resettlement, invoking the myth that refugees are a big fat drain on the public treasury. (In fact, the vast majority of refugees quickly become productive members of society.)

Stick around. There’s lots more.

Ms. Hansen has contracted a bad case of Bathroom Panic; she’s praised North Carolina’s notorious House Bill 2. Here’s a single Tweet that packs a whole lot of misinformation into a mere 140 characters.

Okay, now. You can be personally or philosophically or religioiusly opposed to transgender rights, but it’s simply not true that “gender binary is a medical fact.” The American Medical Association is fully supportive of equality for all the varieties of LGBTQA etc. And the American Psychiatric Association does not consider transgenderism to be an illness. So Ms. Hansen is wrong there.

Not surprising, because she’s a big fan of Robert P. George. He’s a law professor at Princeton, a former head of the dead-ender group National Organization for Marriage, and a prominent far-right Christian thinker. He opposes abortion rights and all government funding for Planned Parenthood. He sees contraceptives, homosexuality, and masturbation as inherently bad for the social order.

Here, Ms. Hansen approvingly Tweets a link to an article about Professor George in which he calls transgenderism a “superstition.”

But enough about sex. Let’s explore Ms. Hansen’s attitudes toward liberals and Democrats. Here, she labels us “kooky.”

In this one, we are characterized as intolerant, oppressive purveyors of “groupthink” and “radical ideology.”

On several occasions, she Tweets or retweets assertions that liberals and Democrats want to turn America into a Venezuela-style socialist dictatorship. Which is not at all true. Not even a little bit. You won’t find any reasonable Democrat or progressive endorsing Venezuela as a model of responsible governance.

Then again, leftists are evil, so maybe we are concealing our true intentions.

As for Vermont’s junior senator and presidential hopeful, well, take a guess.

And finally, here’s a fascinating little number coming from a person who’s being paid to provide strategic communications for a top Republican official. Apparently she doesn’t much like the GOP.

I could go on. There are references aplenty to Stalin and Hitler, and complaining about liberals being bullies who want to abolish the First and Second Amendments, and presumably go on from there to disembowel representative government. She’s retweeted prominent ultraconservatives like Ben Shapiro, Mona Charen, and Ted Cruz. She has slammed Donald Trump as a liberal, not materially different from the Democrats.

I’m sure she will accuse me of bullying and seeking to censor her views. But I’m not. While she has called my people bullies, kooks, and closet Communists, all I am doing here is pointing out the views she has publicly expressed, and asking the question:

Is this the kind of person the VTGOP wants to be framing its message?

Apparently so. And that ought to tell us something about the nature and direction of the Vermont Republican Party, Phil Scott notwithstanding.

12 thoughts on “Here’s another sign of the VTGOP’s “moderation”

  1. Macy Franklin

    Hey, if Wall Street Democrat Bruce Lisman is trying his best to move the VTGOP to the right, why not Meg Hansen?

  2. Walter Carpenter

    “Tweets or retweets assertions that liberals and Democrats want to turn America into a Venezuela-style socialist dictatorship. Which is not at all true. ”

    Well, she’s been well-trained by the Koch brothers machines in how to go for the emotions to whip up the paranoid into believing drivel like this while disregarding inconvenient facts.

  3. Casey Radnor

    Such misogyny and sexist hatred! Your fans in the comments section also share your vile attitude toward women. It seems like you don’t know this person but ‘stole’ her photograph and tweets to write this hit piece. Do you feel better about your sad stupid life now?

    You seem very jealous of Phil Scott. Do you really have a man-crush on him? Do you think your homo-erotic feelings will go down if you write enough hateful words about him? Tut-tut.

    Do you realize that your hatred for those who don’t ‘think’ like you do is typical of the Soviet attitude towards dissidents? No wonder you are obsessed with Mr. Bernard Sanders, who famously praised horrible communists like Cuban Fidel Castro and Nicaraguan Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann and even honeymooned in the ‘Motherland’ during the height of the Cold War.

    Just because you write doesn’t make you a writer, This blog is dedicated to hating on Republicans in Vermont. This is a sad excuse for ‘journalism’. It’s nothing but a middle school hate diary. Surprised there’s no “kill list” yet, or maybe there is!

    I guess what the rest of the country says is right – Vermont has been ruined because it’s filled with far-out hateful leftists like you who are brainwashed by nonsense Marxist ideas and see everything about USA as oppressive – American history, white people, marriage, fatherhood and motherhood, males and females, heterosexuality, Christianity, moral values of any sort. So, you glamorize what you imagine to be oppressed and think you are some superior being because you align with the so-called oppressed classes. Who cares about facts when you can feel good about yourself by simply hating on others? What have you contributed to the world other than spiteful hatred for others who are not brain dead like you are?

    I’ll be sure to spread the word to avoid this ugly blog from an ugly man.

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      WHAT misogyny? WHAT sexist hatred? All I did was point out Meg Hansen’s Twitter feed and the extreme views therein. I said NOTHING that had anything to do with her gender.

      Thanks for stopping by. My blog can do just fine without you.

      1. Casey Radnor

        Oooh! Touched a nerve, didjit? Well truth tends to be bitter. Insulting is not your strong suit.

    2. Tom Spelling

      Casey, you are back in town? Reach out, I didn’t hear back. Let’s have a visit.


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