Another can’t-miss event from the VTGOP

Hey, start off the New Year right with an evening of fun, food, and Republicans!

The Vermont Republican Party will be hosting “The Future is Bright: A Rally for an Affordable Vermont.” on January 14th, 6:30pm, at the Barre City Auditorium. Showcasing our statewide candidates, legislative leaders, and party officials, this event will outline our vision for a brighter and more affordable Vermont.

“Statewide candidates,” eh? Well, they’ve got two guys running for governor, one in the hunt for Lite-Gov, and… er… that’s it.

I guess the podium won’t be too crowded. That is, unless the VTGOP pulls several rabbits out of its hat and actually manages to field something like a full slate of credible candidates.


But wait, there’s more — this isn’t just a mutual back-slapping and money-grubbing affair. No sirree; it’s a tribute to real American heroes.

In addition to kicking-off our 2016 election efforts, the Republican Party will be launching a year long initiative called “The Year of the Veteran.” At each Vermont Republican Party event, we will be recognizing and thanking veterans for their service and dedication to our Country.

Isn’t that special. And what are we doing to support our Veterans? Besides lip service, that is.

Attendees are asked to bring an unwanted Christmas gift or purchase an article of clothing to be donated to local veteran organizations.

Nice. “An unwanted Christmas gift.”

“Thanks for your service, soldier. Here’s a stale fruitcake.”

Meanwhile, all the tangible proceeds of the event will go into the VTGOP’s nearly-empty coffers. Which is more than a bit reminiscent of those “Salute To The Troops” pageants at sporting events — which turned out to be money grabs by the teams, paid for by the U.S. military.

Speaking of lip service to our armed forces, check out the ticketing options.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 3.52.56 PM


Tell me, how did George Washington wind up as the cheap ticket?

Below Ulysses S. Grant, even?

Well, I guess the Father of our Country wasn’t a clearly identifiable Republican, unlike Grant and Ike. As for Patton, well, he was our most famous hardass, so he must have been a Republican, right?

Anyway, if you’re inclined to subject yourself to such a thing, here’s your sign. And don’t forget to bring along a lava lamp or electric nose hair trimmer to honor our brave service members.

6 thoughts on “Another can’t-miss event from the VTGOP

  1. Jimmy

    Andrew Bacevich, veteran of Vietnam and the Gulf War as well as the father of a fallen Iraq War veteran calls our “tributes” to the veterans “phony grace.” He’s right. Let’s deprive them of what they need to adequately fight the war and then use them to make money and win elections for us. What a cruel joke. Yesterday, the NYT featured an article hailing the advancement of penile transplants, a wonderful result of devastating loss in Iraq. The media regularly features the gains made in the area of prosthetics being put to great use with Iraq War veterans. How about not sending them to be blown up in the first place? Go to a professional hockey game in Boston and you’ll be treated to the Berkshire Bank Hometown Hero of the night where the entire crowd stands and weeps and applauds for that nights hero. The Bruins organization couldn’t possibly do such a thing without the generous support of Berkshire Bank which offsets the cost of the PA announcing announcing a name. Let’s not take too long, though, because there’s lots more beer and ads to consume.

  2. NanuqFC

    It was on Jeopardy!, so it must be true: President Lincoln turn down a request from then-General Grant to expel all the Jews from areas under his command. By stigmatizing a whole group without any rational basis, I guess he fits right in with the current crop of candidates, eh?

    1. Walter Carpenter

      “General Grant to expel all the Jews from areas under his command.” Yes, it is true. Grant started it because he was angry over some deal involving cotton, arranged without Grant’s knowledge by his father, and involving some Jewish cotton dealers. Grant also owned a slave, given to him by his father-in-law. In that time of slavery, the idea of a white owner giving his or her black slave to someone else was just part of the system. Yet, when deeply in debt, Grant also freed the slave when the sale (again part of this horrid system) of the slave would have helped him out of debt. Grant was both a man of his era, which was deeply racist, and forward looking, as he won that war to end the buying and selling of human beings in America. What is scary is that these candidates seem to want to return to this era before Grant did so much to end it.


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