Gray Doubles Down on Campaign Finance Hypocrisy

Another round of Congressional campaign finance filings are in, and the headline is that Lt. Gov. Molly Gray leads the money race. And she does, but not by a meaningful margin, not enough to sway the primary… and Senate President Pro Tem Becca Balint is catching up. (I’ll try to come back to the numbers in the near future, but that’s all you need to know for now.)

Plus, she’s got the LGBTQ Victory Fund PAC spending six figures on her behalf. As is her custom, Gray is slamming Balint for, um, I guess, not preventing this independent actor from acting independently on her behalf? Because Balint is legally barred from any kind of interaction or coordination with Super PACs.

Well, it’s all bullshit anyway, and disastrously-timed bulllshit at that. Really? When the LGBTQ+ community is under attack, you want the community to unilaterally disarm? You want Balint to condemn an LGBTQ+ fund from promoting LGBTQ+ representation?

Gray says her beef isn’t with this group; it’s with any outside spending: “Vermonters decide who represents Vermonters, and no one else,” she says. But she’s happily accepting big fat checks from D.C. lobbyists, isn’t she? Yes, she is.

I’ve tried to be fair in this contest. I’ve never thought Gray was some kind of establishment Trojan horse with no principles of her own, as she is depicted in some progressive circles. But this hypocritical nonsense is simply unacceptable. I still think Gray would make a perfectly fine member of Congress, but there’s no way I’m voting for her in the primary as long as she keeps up these attacks.

At least Balint has decided it’s time to come out swinging.

“At a time when the word ‘gay’ is being banned in schools, LGBTQ history is being erased in classrooms, when gay and trans people are being violently attacked and killed, I will not entertain this political stunt from the Gray campaign. Should the Gray Campaign, or anyone else, try and smear LGBTQ people for supporting me and my campaign, I will call that out for what it is: craven, callous political opportunism.”

I couldn’t possibly agree more. Stop the bullshit, Ms. Gray. It doesn’t become you.


3 thoughts on “Gray Doubles Down on Campaign Finance Hypocrisy

  1. James Marc Leas

    Molly Gray claims to be a human rights lawyer but her website shows that her idea of human rights law is to white wash Iraq war mercenaries. Every area of law has two sides, and Molly Gray should disclose that her side of human rights law is the side of some of the most vicious human rights abusers, not their victims. For details see the article “Lt. Governor Molly Gray touts human rights–but her record shows otherwise.”


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