Local Embarrassment Goes Regional

Hey, remember this nutjob? This is Duly Elected Local Embarrassment Liz Cady, d/b/a Essex Westford school board member. She won her seat last April thanks to some very deceptive campaigning that hid the true nature of her QAnon-adjacent beliefs. Her campaign flyer didn’t mention her rabid conspiratorialism around the Black Lives Matter movement, expressed in public statements like this.

…chaos does not happen in one drastic move overnight. It happens gradually as people stand aside and say, “Well, it doesn’t really affect me so I won’t say anything.” But eventually it will affect you. The Nazis’ rise to power happened slowly. It began in 1930 with riots, burning of stores, and violent acts. And that sounds very similar. Very similar of the early tactics of National Socialism in Germany, and the tactics employed by the BLM organization. It’s striking.

Well, Cady is now doubling down on this toxic line of “thinking.” In a recent opinion piece posted on True North Reports because of course it’s on True North Reports*, she compared fighting the Covid-19 pandemic to, yep, Nazi Germany.

*Sorry, not linking to this intellectual turd.

Cady begins her excursion down the rabbit hole by claiming to be something of an expert on Nazi Germany because she read Anne Frank’s diary as a child and Her Eyes Were Opened. It’s this kind of thing that prevents Ms. Frank from resting in peace.

Cady then wrote that she has “read many commentaries to VTDigger and comments on news stories” asserting that we should set up separate medical facilities where unvaccinated health care workers can ply their trade.

Huh? What? Never have I ever.

She then substitutes “Jews” for “the unvaccinated,” and hey presto, the unvaccinated are being treated just like the Jews in Nazi Germany!!!

This insult to the concept of “rhetoric” drew the attention of the Anti-Defamation League of New England, which tweeted its disgust for her drivel and tagged the Essex Westford School district in the process. Which prompted district superintendent Beth Cobb to reply:

On behalf of EWSD, School Board Chair, Erin Knox and I, as Superintendent, would like to state unequivocally that nothing in Cady’s article represents the policies or beliefs of our school district.

Kinda looking forward to the next school board meeting.

Let’s get back to Cady’s emission. After making the Jews/unvaxxed comparison, she had the absolute gall to write:

I am not comparing what is happening now to the horrific genocide that took place in World War II…

Which is exactly what she’s doing, so you know the next word is, inevitably, “but.”

…but I do believe we need to acknowledge the comparison of how that hate started then and how it is happening now.

Oh, ya do, do ya?

There are many ways in which this is the writerly equivalent of taking a dump, brandishing it proudly, and wondering why people are backing away holding their noses. Let’s limit ourselves to one, shall we? I need a shower.

The crux of her argument is that government officials and public health experts are fomenting baseless irrational hate toward the unvaccinated just like Hitler did to set the stage for that genocide business.

Just like Hitler. I’d like to know how Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine felt if/when he read that. I hope he didn’t. He’s got real stuff to worry about.

Finally, I’ve got to mention the rampant illiteracy you may have noticed in the BLM quote above and in that phrase “commentaries to VTDigger.” Here’s another sample.

Years of various vaccinations should be evident to every American that vaccinations are not to stop a spread, and breakthrough cases are a testament that these vaccinations are not eradicating Covid-19.

Yeah, it’s that bad. It’s ungrammatical and, extra bonus points, it’s completely wrong. Vaccinations are precisely meant to stop the spread of a disease.

Congratulations, voters of Essex Westford. Liz Cady, your pride and joy.


8 thoughts on “Local Embarrassment Goes Regional

  1. H. Jay Eshelman

    It appears that Cady’s concern is shared by the medical community.

    “In closing, how many of us would have the insight and fortitude to be a dissident or conscientious objector? How can we avoid becoming a bystander or perpetrator? Although many people categorize the Nazi regime as psychologically deviant, we risk repeating these behaviors if we do not recognize our own capacity for moral transgressions.”

    Praemonitus praemunitus.

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      “the medical community,” eh? This is one paper by two non-medical people, one of whom has never published an academic paper before and has no particular Google presence.

    2. Genevieve C Melle

      Dear Sir H, researchgate that you so conveniently quote and offer a link to is nothing but a social media site, it is NOT representative of the concerns of the medical community. Way to extrapolate. Did you and Liz attend the same (private) school?

  2. montpelier28

    Seems I need to comment to read other comments so, I’ve read that the “camps’ for the “poppies” will be turned into those other camps for one thing. Good morning lol.

  3. Anne Donahue

    Can we please try to avoid using “nut job” as an insult to people with offensive views? You impugn those of us who have been labeled with psychiatric illnesses; it is hurtful language.

  4. Walter Carpenter

    “Although many people categorize the Nazi regime as psychologically deviant..”

    They were beyond “psychologically deviant, but the thing to remember is that so many of them were just ordinary average folks to begin with. Adolf Eichmann, for example, who organized the transportation of Jews to the camps, was a traveling oil salesman before joining the Nazi party. If a party like that ever gets to power in Vermont/USA, and the Republicans are pretty close to it now, this Liz Cady creep could easily find a wider reception for her views from the other side of the darkness.

    1. Walter Carpenter

      Thanks for that link. That’s exactly what I was thinking about. I’m gonna get that book. I’ve read parts of it, though not the whole thing. I lived in Israel for a while back in 1979 and saw where that trial took place.


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