I want no part of Brian Savage’s locker room

In last weekend’s stampede of Vermont Republicans distancing themselves from Donald Trump, there was one high-ranking GOPer who clings stubbornly to The Donald.

That would be Assistant House Minority Leader Brian Savage of Swanton. According to VPR, he first posted a Facebook message saying he was done with Trump, making the dutiful Republican shoutout to his daughter and two granddaughters.

He then apparently thought better (or should I say “worse”) of it, because he later deleted the Facebook post and undeclared his unendorsement of Trump.

“Was it the right thing to say? Is it the right thing to say amongst people? No,” Savage says.

But, he says he agrees with Trump’s characterization of the exchange as ill-conceived locker-room banter.

“We’ve probably said similar things in our lifetime, you and I,” Savage says. “It’s just that the microphone probably wasn’t on.”

Yeah, er, no. Please don’t indict the entire human race with your locker-room misogyny, Mr. Savage. Maybe you talk that way in a roomful of The Boys, but I, for one, have never ever boasted about my ability to commit sexual assault.

Then again, Savage is a Franklin County Republican, so perhaps he shares a locker room with Norm McAllister.

Too soon?

Well, I’m sorry, but if anything, Franklin County politicos should be especially sensitive to crude, offensive remarks about women.

And now Savage might be forced to change his mind for the third time in less than a week, because reports of actual sexual assaults by Trump are blossoming forth like mushrooms on a manure pile. Throughout today and this evening, multiple media outlets have posted stories about women who are going public with their victimization at the wandering hands and tiny fingers of Trump.

The women’s accounts hew remarkably closely to Trump’s “locker-room talk” — kissing them without warning, groping their bodies, and yes, grabbing them by any orifice within reach. It’s all there.

Ball’s in your court, Mr. Savage. When does The Donald finally break your astoundingly malleable standards of morality? This isn’t going to get any better, you know.


10 thoughts on “I want no part of Brian Savage’s locker room

  1. Brooke Paige

    “People in Glass Houses . . .”

    Starting to sound a lot like Bill Clinton without the rape charges, so far ! There is still plenty of time for Donald to “trump” the legendary misbehavior of Mr. Hillary Clinton !

    Too bad we can’t climb into the “way-back” machine and get a “do over” on this sad political season !

  2. walter carpenter

    “Then again, Savage is a Franklin County Republican, so perhaps he shares a locker room with Norm McAllister.”

    I hope Franklin County voters also vote him out of his seat in November.

  3. infibel

    Gotta say the total hypocrisy of Clintons’ supporters – now enablers – a huge double standard, bending over backwards to excuse the Clinton Crime Family bankrolled by their slush-fund er, “charity” another well-oiled machine, greased with donations in the tens of millions from corrupt dictatorships, including Russia btw, shows breathtaking disconnect.

    Coming on the heels of Wikileaked doc-dump, also gotta say, unsurprising.

    Bills not running you meekly say? Au contraire VPO. Infamous two-fer claim blows that theory as well as proudly establishing themselves as the Bonnie & Clyde of US politics. Who’s going to mop up the blood, schedule the body-burials & small twin-engine planes, ride shotgun while the other steers the getaway car — Shillsea? Ha!

    Hellary defended a rapist whose assault was so brutal, rendered the 12 yo unable to bear children using the same lies *all* creepy male lawyers use. Even laughingly admitted knowing he was guilty. Personally intimidating the others plus sending their goons to threaten the rest. As his enabler, his greatest ally. Bill could not have gotten this far if she had exposed or dumped him long ago.

    Since the similar sociopathic patterns show them to be cut from the same cloth — why bother. “Not some little woman standin’ by my man” infkingdeed, heh. Could *never* be where she is w/o him — firmly attached to Bills coattails.

    Excuse the link to fellow-deplorable Alex Jones, but the msm corprately-controlled news blackout isn’t allowing the likes of Wiki:

      1. newzjunqie

        FYI – nothing surreptitious here – clearly digital persona remains the same. No secrets here sir – thought you would know it’s me by comments & positions. Anyone with a history of online presence a fool to try hiding id. And have listed alts for one of your fans who suspected me as a possible Republican, that she may examine my record.

        Moving away from ad-based services specifically email. Profiling device and spam magnet. Now even getting more postal junk mail. Tho jury still out on ISP-based, personally consider them safer as their ad-base is proprietary & spam traffic considered an expense which clogs servers.

        On the heels of the move Yahoo scandal broke. However a tip of the iceberg as we can safely assume they’re all at it. Recently in a standoff w/one of the big four who blocked account supposedly suspecting account had been compromised.

        However the real reason is I managed to slip thru maze of canvassing controls & fingerprinting apparatus without even knowing it until urged to “call home”. Demanded full name with birth day & year, address, phone & cell # to keep the account, suffice it to say I closed it. So the hot-iron ear tagging is in full swing & have forfeited the priviledge of beng herded to & milked in one of their fine stanchions where storage of contacts, addresses & phone numbers plus email is freee!

        But I digress. Real story here is that both sides are villifying each other and potus choice with kettle & pot claiming each of blackness. Soo it’s now a matter of which is blacker in eye of beholder.

  4. maggiehunterbrown

    I’m thinking.. a little Botox as a reflex coagulant applied to any of the body parts that should appear “friendly”.. but in every other way remain absolutely redundant, might be a great locker room product for all sideliners!! Don’t worry we have those “boys” on the north shoreline too.. look what “Ford Nation” and little Robbie Ford did for Toronto? They are still digging out from that one!! We on the north shore, are watching along with the rest of you… Cheers!!!


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