The nastiest campaign in Vermont history?

Scott Milne is running a truly bizarre campaign, entirely based on attacking incumbent Sen. Patrick Leahy. Milne’s entire “platform” consists of (1) Pat Leahy’s been in Washington too long, and (2) he’s been a successful fundraiser. Like Rudy Giuliani and “9/11,” Milne can’t open his mouth without the number “42”, as in Leahy’s tenure in the Senate, tumbling out. Milne has made no effort to outline policy differences or present his own ideas.

This may not be the nastiest campaign in state history; God knows the 19th Century featured tactics that might make Donald Trump blush. But it’s certainly the nastiest campaign in living memory.

And it’s getting worse, and louder, and nastier.

Start with Milne’s weekend rejection of Trump. He couldn’t get through three paragraphs without a gratuitous slam at Leahy. In fact, the Leahy slam was the lede in Milne’s statement.

Then came the news that Vice President Biden will campaign in Vermont. Milne couldn’t stop himself:

 “Sen. Leahy and Vice President Biden have spent the past 42 years together in Washington, and they both supported Hillary Clinton against Bernie, so it is not surprising that they would be campaigning together.”

A sensible candidate would have kept his mouth shut. Why call attention to a high-profile fundraiser benefiting your opponent? But Milne appears to suffer from a unique variant of Tourette’s, which compels him to whine about Pat Leahy with every breath he takes.

Yesterday brought another Milne blast, alleging that he’s the subject of “negative campaigning” by Leahy and the Democrats.

Projecting much?

Funny thing is, the press release is so incoherently written that Milne never actually describes Leahy’s alleged “negative campaigning.” He simply asserts that Leahy is “running a negative campaign.”

And while he couldn’t be bothered to document his complaint, he did manage to recycle all his attack lines against Leahy: 42 years, millions in campaign donations, EB-5, D.C. dysfunction, and, of course, Leahy’s refusal to debate as often as Milne would like.

Which brings us to today, and an Amateur Hour Web-only video ad from Milne that shows Leahy being “bitten” by the DiCa mosquito. That’s short for “DIstrict of ColumbiA,” a clumsy takeoff on Zika and a reference to Leahy’s decades-long tenure in Washington.

The video production is marginal by modern standards — it’s not hard to produce a good-quality video on a basic computer. This one barely qualifies. The narrator is, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts, one of Milne’s kids. It’s clearly not a professional announcer. And, at the very end, Scott Milne calls in his “I approved this message” bit by phone.

It’s all just unrelievedly nasty. And all of that has happened within the last four days. 

There’s been a lot of complaining about “D.C. style attack politics” this year, much of it overblown. Scott Milne has outdone all other campaigns combined in mean-spiritedness, and it’s all homegrown Vermont vintage.

Scott Milne, the nastiest Vermont candidate in living memory.


8 thoughts on “The nastiest campaign in Vermont history?

  1. Brooke Paige

    Clearly Scott Milne’s candidacy was intended to be one of placeholder to save the Republican Party from the embarrassment of being the only state party unable to field a congressional champion. Milne accepted the challenge, however he has never looked like he had his heart in the effort. The press has given him plenty of chances to flesh out his campaign, however substance on the issues, any issues, has yet to surface. Maybe the U.S.S. Milne is running silent and running deep, holding its compliment of political torpedoes for one epic salvo – one would hope there is a secret plan to have Scott Milne’s candidacy fire a impressive last minute attack, rather that continuing to whine and moan about Leahy’s superior political position and communicate a indecipherable campaign message.

    Times a wasting, Scotty – time to give it all you’ve got !

    1. Macy Franklin

      What Scotty has is the political equivalent of a Nerf ball. I saw him recently standing by his little lonesome on the sidewalk on North Ave in Burlington, in the middle of the day, not even near an intersection where drivers would stop and see him waving his Milne For Senate sign. He looked lost and rather pathetic.

  2. timothy price

    We are seeing the establishment being torn apart; the press has been exposed as being a propaganda machine for the Democratic Party. We are seeing that party as corrupt to the gills in its preferential treatment of Lady McClinton, and she looks to be an embarrassment to all decency and a pawn of the globalist banksters.
    Trump is the iconoclast who has a good heart and is on a steep learning curve, but is rising to the occasion. I hope he is given the opportunity to be President.
    I feel the same way about Scott Milne. Senator Leahy has way too much baggage he is hauling around. His promotion of Oklahoma City bombing tainted, Merrick Garland, stinks of corruption.
    It looks as though maybe Lady McClinton knocked off Judge Scalia, and now their replacement is to be the guy who covered up the Oklahoma City bombing, false-flag that is was. The corruption of the Supreme Court must be stopped. We have to get smart, get tough, and throw the weasels out, imo.
    Further info: Rewarded for OKC bombing. (beginning at 5:20 and continuing to 10:40)

    Oklahoma City Bombing – The Cover-Up

      1. timothy price

        Compared to Lady McClinton, Donald Trump is a sweat heart. He has no “body count”, every time his lips move it isn’t a lie, he hasn’t sent thugs to create violence at Clinton’s little appearances, he did cheat to remove his Republican challengers, he did screw over Haiti for personal profit, and the Clinton foundation is now being considered to be an avenue for committed acts of treason… and did I mention her email pass-through of secret documents?
        Trump did explode the Republican establishment, he did expose the Clinton media, he named “cooked Hillary”, and he draw massive crowds who respond to his no nonsense bashing of globalists. What more do you want?

  3. Brooke Paige

    WOW – John, even I am taken back by the viewpoint of your follower, Timothy Price ! I thought I was your “gold standard” of an individual when it came to holding positions right of center. Now I discover that I can’t hold a candle to Tim’s world view ! Outstanding, I mean astonishing !


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