The big-money tsunami has arrived

Fun Fact, courtesy of Seven DaysPaul Heintz:

[Phil Scott] has yet to run any television advertising in the general election.

That might come as a surprise to anyone who watches TV in Vermont. We’ve seen a plethora of spots in support of Scott and against Sue Minter.

And every last one of ‘em was bought and paid for by a Washington, D.C.-based SuperPAC, ironically named “A Stronger Vermont.”

ASV, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Republican Governors Association, has spent more than $1.2 million in Vermont. With five weeks to go, it seems certain to exceed $2 million.

That’s a big help to Scott, who continues to significantly trail Minter in fundraising. Their September totals: Minter $374,000, Scott $226,000. The two candidates spent a little over $200,000 apiece.

Meanwhile, ASV spent $700,000 in September — far more than both of them combined. 

The Democratic Governors Association is spending heavily by Vermont standards: $370,000 in September. In a normal year, that’d be a scandalous intrusion of outside money. And if the race is seen as close, the two GA’s will only ramp up their spending.  I don’t think anyone who values Vermont’s unique brand of politics can be happy about this.

Our state’s campaign finance laws are quickly becoming a quaint echo of a bygone age. Big money is here, folks. And here to stay, unless we manage to get Citizens United overturned.


1 thought on “The big-money tsunami has arrived

  1. walter carpenter

    “Big money is here, folks. And here to stay, unless we manage to get Citizens United overturned.”

    If only we could, if only we could, but the feds love it too much.


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