Hey look, Doug Hoffer may have a fly to swat

Don’t ever accuse the VTGOP of not being generous. They’ve apparently gifted Auditor Doug Hoffer with a new toy to play with a “serious” challenger for his post. I haven’t seen a news release or anything; all I’ve seen is this Tweet from VTGOP Executive Director Jeff Bartley.

Yay! Dan “Mr. Four Percent” Feliciano! The man who can never quite make up his mind whether he’s a Libertarian or a Republican. But no matter what the label, there’s one thing you can count on:

He. Won’t. Win.

People with long memories for political ephemera may recall the 2014 Republican “race” for governor, which saw the VTGOP desperately searching for someone — anyone — to keep declared Republican candidate Emily Peyton from actually getting the GOP ballot slot. At the last minute, Scott Milne rode to the rescue.

Feliciano, egged on by conservative operative Darcie Johnston, mounted a write-in bid for the GOP nomination. He lost, badly, as write-in candidates are wont to do.

So, any old port in a storm, Feliciano accepted the Libertarian Party’s nomination as a consolation prize. And with Johnston “masterminding” his campaign, he rode the Felicianomentum (actual Twitter hashtag, no joke) to a robust four percent of the vote in November 2014.

In case you don’t recall the Feliciano campaign, I can remind you of a truly terrible TV ad he produced and aired.

But hey, it’s hard to keep a good man down. So, if Bartley’s Tweet can be believed, Mr. Feliciano is back for more.

Need I say it’s a quixotic venture? Hoffer has massive name recognition; he’s done an excellent job; he’s won the respect and support of a broad swath of Vermont politicos; and Vermont voters never ever — well, hardly ever — boot an incumbent.

But hey, at least the Republicans have filled another slot on their statewide ticket. They’ve had embarrassingly few candidates in recent years, which (among other things) has allowed some legitimately minor parties to attain “major party” status.

Might be a bad year for the Liberty Union folks, Spaceman or no Spaceman.


2 thoughts on “Hey look, Doug Hoffer may have a fly to swat

  1. Robert Haskins

    Felicianomentum can join Lessmanmomentum in the 4% Club, a little known basement bar where Darcie the Destroyer hatches the come back of all comebacks.

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      For those worried about a Trump presidency, we can take comfort in the fact that Darcie is signed onto the Trump campaign. That’s the Vermont politics version of the Sports Illustrated cover jinx. Carrot Top’s goin’ down.


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