Phil Scott doesn’t like politics

Good on Bruce Lisman for finally taking a tough stance in his primary battle with Lt. Gov. Phil Scott. At the VTGOP convention on Saturday, Lisman came equipped with a newly-printed flyer that tied Scott firmly to the coattails of Gov. Peter Shumlin.

It got under Scott’s skin in the best possible way.

“This is D.C. tactics at its worst,” Scott said from the stage Saturday, holding up a copy of the flier before tossing it to the floor. “I gave Bruce a pass when he did opposition research on me… I can’t give him a pass on this. At least he’s showing me his stripes.”

Yeah! How dare he launch an accurate attack on Good Ol’ Phil?

C’mon, now. Phil Scott was a member of the Shumlin cabinet! He was right there in all the meetings, taking his place at all the photo-ops, and generally trying to depict himself as Not Your Typical Republican, a guy who can work constructively with anyone. Well, now it’s coming back to haunt him — from the right wing.

Lisman also went right after Scott on his record of… er… what, exactly?

“He’s had 15 years to make a difference, to make a mark, and I believe he hasn’t,” Lisman said. Scott served as state senator for 10  years and lieutenant governor for more than five.

Also perfectly accurate. Phil Scott has spent his public career as a go-along, get-along guy dedicated to not rocking the boat. Now he’s trying to run as a Change Candidate, and Lisman isn’t letting him get away with it.

For perhaps the first time in his political career, Phil Scott is under attack. And he doesn’t like it.

Well, tough patooties. This is absolutely fair game, and I hope Lisman continues with these lines of attack.

Phil Scott has a winning track record as a politician. But he’s also rarely, if ever, faced a real tough challenge. Maybe he’ll get one from Lisman. It won’t help Lisman win the nomination — these attacks may well backfire with the Republican primary electorate — but it will give Scott a taste of what to expect in a real, bare-knuckles campaign.

If he can’t take the heat, he knows where the kitchen door is.

10 thoughts on “Phil Scott doesn’t like politics

  1. nortryder

    Wow, this is fun. Next thing you know Phil might want to know how exactly Lisman’s tenure at Bear Stearnes will make him a great governor. Maybe the same way trump’s bankruptcies will “make America great”. “We have met the enemy and they are us”.

  2. Stephen Beck

    Thanks, this made me laugh. I just love to see pictures of smiling Phil – the people love him, love him. Just as in Brandon, when a flyer came through my mail slot from some Republican group out of DC, reminding us of Representative Steve Carr’s DUI episode and the town was in an uproar – “Dirty Washington Politics comes to VT” – screamed the headline in The Reporter. Just like you said, if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen to which I add, All is fair in love and war!

  3. Michael McGarghan

    I have been wondering what the heck Phil does stand for and doesn’t? He has all these signs and flyers been plastering as he asks for $$$$ to run his campaign but I can tell is he drives a race car and gets along with everyone. Really? Come on now! So all these other candidates for Governor are going to want to give a reason to vote for them or against the other person eventually, but that Lisman flyer was spot on about how Scott and his record has been.
    Too bad if it hurt.

  4. newzjunqie

    You’re kidding right-member of Shumlins’ cabinet? Ya don’t say. Please. For the “fifteen years” he was not in a capacity to do much other than what other legislators do. And just what landmark actions did the other LGs’ do to make a difference in VT? The cheap shots only make him look good as there is been no there there.

    That all you got Lisman? Stands next to Shumlin smiling & this is evidence of…being an insider??? Very funny he was LG! I think most VTers get this. Sooo, if we find a picture of you smiling with one of your fellow Wall Streeters it’s evidence of…what??? “There he is right there — see 3rd from the left – smiling — with all the rest. Proof–he’s one of them”. We know what you did pictures irrelevant – smiling is not a crime.

    Wall St insider who has nothing on Scott makes misleading deceptive comments linking Scott to the frikking governor he had no choice but to work alongside now bringing forth a supposed smoking gun like he’s snapped a picture of Scott sitting in the back of Bove’s huddled with an organized crime boss. It’s so desperate it’s laughable.

    Personally had very high hopes never believed it would go this badly. In the beginning Shummy looked like he might do a good job for our state — who knew? So b/c Scott stands next to him smiling in official capacity rather than scowling — guilty as charged?

  5. Macy Franklin

    Oh the irony that life long Democrat Lisman, who has likely never so much as voted for a Republican, is mounting an attack on Scott from the right. Why, I’ll bet old Juicy Brucey even voted for Shumie last time around.

  6. Robert Haskins

    This powerful attack on Scott has likely doubled Lisman’s poll numbers to 8%. Well done Mr. $2 Million dollar Primary spender.

  7. Walter Carpenter

    “I have been wondering what the heck Phil does stand for and doesn’t?”

    Good question. Well, his construction company has had some nice contracts since Scott has been underneath the dome.

  8. Matthew R.

    Phil =

    Empty Suit
    Hollow Rhetoric
    Rudimentary Problem Solving Skills
    Old Boy
    Poor Debater
    Hail Fellow, Well Met
    Failure To Grasp Facts
    Mumbler To Incoherent
    Only Capable Of Left Turns (Which should scare the GOP)

    Oh and race car driver and nice guy I am told.


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