Profiles In Courage, the Phil Scott Way!

Apparently, Lt. Gov. Phil Scott endorsed Marco Rubio for President yesterday.

I say “apparently” because he didn’t appear at the big endorsement extravaganza put on by top Republicans yesterday at the Statehouse. Nor has he released a statement of any kind.

This is pretty damn shameful. The details from VTDigger:

At a Statehouse news conference, GOP legislators touted what they called Rubio’s values-based campaign. Afterward, Rep. Kurt Wright, R-Burlington, gave VTDigger a list of those backing Rubio, which included Lt. Gov. Phil Scott, 27 representatives and one senator.

Scott was not present or mentioned at the news conference. He could not be reached late Thursday afternoon for comment.

Holy Hiding In A Closet, Batman!

The strategery had an effect — and I have to infer it was the effect Scott wanted: very limited coverage. I assume that the Statehouse media corps were covering the Senate’s debate on marijuana legalization. As far as I can tell, VTDigger was the only media outlet to report on the endorsement.

And as far as I can tell, the only confirmation of Scott’s endorsement came rather indirectly, from the candidate’s Twitter feed. And that was only in response to a Tweet from Democratic candidate Sue Minter, slamming Scott for the endorsement.

Think about that: If the Scott campaign hadn’t been moved to respond to Minter, the only trace of his endorsement would have been his name on a piece of paper! 

I suppose Scott had to endorse somebody before the March 1 Vermont primary. And I can see why he didn’t want to be publicly answerable for endorsing a radically anti-choice, Laffer Curve True Believer, and neoconservative warmonger who wants to kill Obamacare.

But good God, Phil. Being Governor involves being accountable. Taking stands, sometimes popular, sometimes not. Slipping your endorsement under the door? That’s a terrible look. And if it’s a sample of your campaigning and leadership style, well, then maybe the Democrats shouldn’t be worried about taking you on.

Indeed, it prompts the question: Does Phil Scott really have the heart for the job?

Okay, now let’s consider his claim to be Standing With Planned Parenthood.

It’s meaningless.

It’s just like when “moderate” Republicans make noises about global warming, but reject any policies or programs designed to combat it.

Simply put, global warming isn’t a high priority for them. And neither is a woman’s right to choose.

As State Rep. Kurt Wright, who was courageous enough to make his endorsement public, put it:

Asked about Rubio’s stance on abortion, Wright said, “There’s no candidate that I agree with on every single issue.”

“I probably part company with Sen. Rubio on a couple of issues,” he said. “I think that the issues that will be most important in this election are national security and the economy, and I think he’s very strong on those issues.”

That’s its own brand of chickenshit. He wouldn’t even specify his own support for Planned Parenthood or reproductive rights. And clearly, he and the other “moderate” Republicans are willing to sacrifice women’s rights in exchange for a conservative President.

Because, let’s be clear: if a Republican wins the presidency in November, it almost certainly means an anti-choice majority on the Supreme Court. If we get a couple more Alitos or Robertses on the bench, how long until they find a pretext to overturn Roe v. Wade? Or at least fatally weaken it?

Heck, maybe they’d even take a run at Griswold v. Connecticut.

And as for Wright’s weak-ass “no candidate that I agree with on every single issue,” well, on which issues does Wright agree with Sen. Rubio?

— Repealing Obamacare and replacing it with a market-based approach?

— Slashing the federal budget?

— A radical tax-cut agenda that massively benefits the wealthy and risks the health of our economy on a huge Laffer Curve gamble?

— A foreign policy of aggressive posturing toward Iran, ISIS, and Russia, even at risk of starting a fresh war or two?

— Denial that climate change is caused or influenced by human activity?

That’s just a sample of Rubio’s extremist positions. So tell me, Kurt: which ones do you agree with?

And if you don’t agree with any of them, why in Hell do you want Marco Rubio to be President?

2 thoughts on “Profiles In Courage, the Phil Scott Way!

  1. H. Brooke Paige

    Wow, John while I don’t always agree with your perspective – you certainly are able to “call them like you see them.” As you are well aware, I have no time for Cruz or Rubio for reasons unrelated to their policy positions.

    Best Wishes, Brooke

  2. Walter Carpenter

    “why in Hell do you want Marco Rubio to be President?”

    Good question. Doesn’t he have one of the poorest attendance records in the US Senate?


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