Daily Archives: February 14, 2016

Gannett is determined to wring every last goddamned nickel out of its dying business model

There are times when I wonder if the Burlington Free Press and its corporate overlord have flipped their mission statement. Times when it seems like they’re trying to KILL the newspaper business by driving away their customer base.

The latest time came recently, when I received a postcard from Barbara Smith, VP of Customer Obstruction Service, notifying me of A New Enhancement to My Gannett Experience.

Oh Lord, I thought. What fresh hell is this?

Two things. First, the Freeploid is launching “an exclusive, special Sunday premium section on popular local topics four times a year.” Yeah, I’ll bet they’re on advertiser-friendly subjects like Food, Tourism, Skiing, Buy Local, and stuff like that. I doubt there will be any additional journalism on offer.

The bad news? “The subscription rate will be an additional $1 for each of these exclusive, special Sunday premium sections.”

Yaaaay! I’ll be paying extra for ad-friendly “content” just like I’m currently paying for recycled USA TODAY “content” in every freakin’ paper.

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