Vermont’s Largest Newspaper just can’t take it

You may recall my recent remarks on our thinnest-skinned institution — the fourth estate.

When I criticize the failings or shortcomings of Vermont’s media, they often react with a pained squeal. There’s only one person who’s blocked me from their Twitter feed, and it’s a staffer at a certain Vermont newspaper.

I think it’s now fair to reveal the name of said newspaper. Because the Burlington Free Press itself — the whole shebang — has blocked me from its Twitter feed.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 12.15.45 PM

Profiles in Courage, friends.

My words are just too much for the tender sensibilities of a once-great newspaper. Well, once-adequate, anyway.

While they’re at it, maybe they’d like to cancel my subscription so I can no longer consume their product (and potentially criticize it). And I say “consume their product” because “read their journalism” is such a 20th Century concept.

And yes, I am a paid subscriber. Although if my Tweets are so unbearable, perhaps my money is too tainted to accept.

It’s pathetic. The Burlington Free Press is a coward.

3 thoughts on “Vermont’s Largest Newspaper just can’t take it

  1. Faith King

    It’s fascinating. First we have what I would say is the faulty, overblown concern that the First Amendment constrains the choices and decisions of a private theater (with regards to the Trumpster). Poor, poor, suppressed Mr. Trump – who BTW is going to extract some free policing and security costs out of the whole deal. Now, ladies and gentlemen, we have a newspaper – for whom I would humbly suggest the constitution very much applies – blocking your access to their news feed because they don’t like what you SAID. Your expression. You write, they punish you. Because they don’t like your “speech”. Not to mention, I’d be amazed if newspapers aren’t considered “state actors” ..which means the Free Press may arguably be running afoul of the ‘Freedom of the Press’ clause (ironic) by actively interfering with your right to disseminate ideas and opinions. See Lovell v. City of Griffin (1938). All in all, they suck.

  2. Greg N. Weaver

    It was great and also ironic to see your post “Vermont’s Largest Newspaper just can’t take it” yesterday. Hours before your post arrived in my inbox, I called the Burlington Free Press to cancel the Digital Edition that I started last fall and to complain for the second time that I did not receive the offer that was advertised last fall. $4.30 a month for three months. The offer is being made again today at: I paid $8.65 for for each full month for 3 months. 1/8/16

  3. NanuqFC

    To add insult to inadequacy, my local general store vendors told me that as of next month the price of the Freep will be increasing to $1.50 per slim daily issue. That’s an increase of 50% for a haphazard collection of same-old, same old, repeats, padded stories, inflated series of stories, breath-taking non-news from Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and elsewhere under the rubric “Regional News,” nearly none of which has any relevance to Vermont or Vermonters, except those poor few souls who have moved to the state which Art Wolf, one of the blowhards published way too often in the Freep’s pages, insists is underpopulated, overtaxed, and well on its way down the slide to a third-world economy.

    I grew up in a newspaper family. My dad was a reporter, then editor of a daily newspaper. We had three newspapers in the house every day, including the Boston Globe, our own daily, and the Manchester Union Leader (so he could see what the opposition was up to). I like being able to clip articles for future reference, knowing the proper way to fold a broadsheet, the smell and the feel of fresh newsprint. But I will not pay a buck and a half for the slipshod mediocrity that the “Free” Press has become. I mean, when was the last time you read a photo caption (aka a “cutline”) that said anything but the most boring and repetitive thing from the story: three or more photos carried the exact same cutline recently. Ugh. Sad and disgusting.

    Bear your dismissal as an honor, sir. The Free Press is a club in which you wouldn’t want to be accepted.


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