Minter’s empty shell — UPDATED

When you visit Sue Minter’s campaign website, you get a welcoming message from the candidate that starts like this:

Thank you for stopping by my website to learn more about my campaign for Governor of Vermont.

But here’s the thing. If you go to the website “to learn more about my campaign,” you will be sorely disappointed. Because there is, in the words of Gertrude Stein, no there there.

Minter’s site has a scant six pages: the home page, with a brief statement from the candidate; a brief bio; opportunities to contribute, volunteer, or contact the campaign; and an events calendar. (More on that in a moment.)

That’s it.

Nothing on issues or policy, nothing on what she will try to do if elected Governor.

In short, you can’t “learn more about my campaign” by visiting her website.

Now, maybe this is some serious post-millennial jiu jitsu: websites are old hat, we’re communicating with voters in new and exciting ways. But the other three major-party candidates have much more robust sites with a goodly quantity of issues statements and policy ideas.

What’s worse, take a look at Minter’s Events page. It hasn’t been updated in more than two months. It lists two — and only two — events: VTDigger’s economic forum on November 3, and a “Meet & Greet” in Burlington on November 4.

That’s it. Sheesh.

The usual disclaimer applies: it’s still early, and the candidates have plenty of time to communicate with voters. But Minter’s competitors are way ahead of her in online presence. And to put it bluntly, her campaign website is an embarrassment. It makes observers like me wonder if Sue Minter is struggling to organize a campaign.

I know the Minter crowd reads this blog. If they’d like to supply a response, they know how to contact me. If I hear from them, I’ll add their comments to this post.

Update. Well, that was quick. Minter campaign manager Sarah McCall sent me an almost immediate response via email:

We have a new website, which will include Sue’s platform and issue positions, currently in the works. We are looking forward to launching the new website next week.

Looking forward to it. In the meantime, you might want to at least wipe that Events page.

1 thought on “Minter’s empty shell — UPDATED

  1. newzjunqie

    A BFP reporter just said the same thing last week on #vtpoli twitter feed
    And same cheery response. Whenever I have heard anything same generic can-do terms, I’m a problem solver, I get things done, Irene bluh-bluh minus platform just a trickle of VT liberal party apparatchiks such as Racine & Kunin with more predictable ho-hum.

    Racine did Minter no favor by attempting to attach sexist moniker to Phil Scott & backfired badly. Also shows that there better be a screaming tabloid headline with pictures and credible eyewitnesses to damage good-guy cred. Even then no more than a dent. But served to show just how much goodwill Scott has earned from the comments mostly women. Actually worked out for Scott as it gave fan club – a few present and former state employees an opportunity to pour on the adulation – a love attack!

    Although undoubtedly well-intentioned the advice to do a good deed to counter Trumps bad deeds too much of a sicky-sweet high & mighty VT lala-land feel for my blood which fits right into prevailing peacenikism and other oh-so VT brand which have become predictable.


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