Newsflash: Donald Trump doesn’t give a damn about you

Cheery news about Thursday night’s Trump rally in Burlington: Just because you got a ticket doesn’t mean you’re getting in. The Free Press:

The Flynn Theater believes the campaign of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump might have distributed more tickets than there are seats in the venue for a rally Thursday night.

How overdistributed, we have no idea — although lefty activist James Haslam Tweeted a rumor that 18,000 tickets have been given away. (The Flynn’s capacity: 1,400.)

(UPDATE: The Burlington Police Department reportedly says the Trump campaign has distributed 20,000 “tickets”. Which is damn irresponsible and downright dangerous.)

Flynn chief John Killacky says the Trump campaign handled ticket distribution, and there’s been something decidedlly weird about the process:

Although the [ticketing] site has listed the event as “sold out” intermittently since tickets became available New Year’s Eve, patrons still could register for tickets as of Tuesday afternoon.

The Flynn plans to open the theater’s doors at 5 p.m. Thursday and admit ticket holders until the city fire marshal declares the venue full, Killacky said.

Well, that could be a nice little clusterfuck. I hope the Flynn got paid in advance, and I hope they’ve planned for a lot of security. Because if a bunch of ticket-wielding Trumpsters are denied entry, things could get a little ugly. Especially with anti-Trump protesters gathering right across the street in City Hall Park.

Anyway, the real point is this: Those who attend the rally are nothing more than living, breathing props for another episode of “Trump: The Campaign.” If the rumor is true that he’s papered Greater Burlington with free tickets, it’s clear that he doesn’t give a damn about loyal supporters who might just be turned away.

6 thoughts on “Newsflash: Donald Trump doesn’t give a damn about you

  1. Shawn

    So if there is a nasty scene and people get hurt, who’s responsible? As a theater manager in NYC years ago, a crowd rushed our auditorium and would not leave. We ran the film with people sitting in the aisles because we could not get them to leave. I found out later that I was responsible (criminally) for what happened to people in the theater. If Donald Trump has created an unsafe situation, somebody needs to decide if he has either voided his contract or assumed responsibility for whatever happens.

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      I’ll bet the Trump campaign will have the interior situation reasonably under control. What I’m more worried about — and the city should be as well — is the idea of hundreds (or thousands) of Trump supporters turned away at the door with no provision for overflow viewing. They’d be milling around outside with a bone to pick, the only nearby space is City Hall Park, and that’s where the anti-Trump demonstrations will be. Nice setup for confrontations.

      And for anything that happens outside Flynn, I don’t think the Trump campaign would be legally liable.

      Plus, hey, if they get some nice juicy TV coverage of confrontations between Trump supporters and dirty hippies, so much the better, eh?

  2. NanuqFC

    Okay, I’d think the Trump campaign strategy is to counteract those who, as a form of protest, got tickets with no intention of actually showing up. They had hoped to leave empty seats. Obviously there will be no empty seats.

  3. newzjunqie

    And this is all by design. Nutjob-boy needs footage of fighting to get in to the reality show coming to VT no less to massage his fragile ego – indicitive of the chaos that follows him wherever he goes, another symptom of brain-diseased egomania.

    Big difference between 20,000 & 1,400. And he could have chosen a larger hall but went nutto when the press took pictures from the back of the hall to show it was 3/4 empty. Don’t believe anyone is allowed to do this at his creepily orchestrated events now. But it’s gotta be yuuuge!

    Oh and who can forget delusional drivel of implied threat “anyone who says anything negative about me goes down”. Oooh scaaary be vewy afwaid of the curse of The Donald. Ever the overgrown child. Even sound like bullies in grammar school with the grade school level vocabulary. Who can watch him and not see the crazy take over? Beginning to wonder if population growth has correspondingly raised the number of egomaniacal narcissists also. Similar to the Palin effect — all the numb-skulled whackjobs like her heard something resonate and came flying out of the woodwork. Lapped it up but still couldn’t get enough! A leader for the stupid ppl was born.

    I wouldn’t go if paid! When I hear him tv gets muted. What a complete ass.


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