Prepare to kneel before our benevolent overlord

Soja hear the news?

Donald Trump is comin’ to town. Next Thursday, Flynn Center, free tix already gone. (According to one commenter on the Freeploid website, many a liberal signed up for tickets with no intention whatsoever of actually showing up — hoping for an embarrassingly low turnout. Which would be great, but I’m sure there will be plenty of the Great Unwashed on hand to welcome their reality-show wet dream of a candidate.)

Can’t say I’m outraged or particularly concerned. I found it amusing that the Vermont Republican Party immediately sought to distance itself from the proceedings. Executive Director Jeff Bartley doing his best Sergeant Schultz:

We learned late today through media reports that Donald Trump will be making a brief campaign stop in Vermont The Vermont Republican Party did not invite Mr. Trump and has no role in his event.

Although Bartley did everything short of dunking himself in Purell, he did end his brief statement with a note of praise for the GOP’s “very diverse group of candidates.”

And there’s the rub. Trump is the loudest and most effective carnival barker of the bunch, but the Republican field really doesn’t offer much to the serious voter. Certainly no real diversity in thought or policy.

There are Trump wannabes like Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and very loud liar Carly Fiorina. There are staunch conservatives like Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie, who are offering pale imitations of Trumpian rhetoric while clinging to a few sorry scraps of the “serious candidate” mantle.

And that’s about it. The likes of Rubio and Bush only appear to be “moderate” because Trump has pushed the debate so far to the right.

Anyway, so the circus is coming to Burlington and Bozo The Frontrunner will grace the Flynn Center stage. I hope he says some thoroughly obnoxious things and totally embarrasses the VTGOP. I hope some prominent Republicans show up and endorse him, because that will further embarrass the local party.

They deserve it. It’s their electorate, after all, that gives Trump his consistent and growing lead. It’s their electorate that gives majority support to the Tea Party Cerberus of Trump, Carson and Cruz. It’s two-thirds of their electorate who believe that public-sector experience is a negative attribute in a presidential candidate.

The Republicans have been lying down with dogs for years and years. Let ’em suffer the fleas.


3 thoughts on “Prepare to kneel before our benevolent overlord

  1. newzjunqie

    What I really want to see is VT republican leaders making a point of not showing up at all, the ultimate dis. The man is sick and dangerous. Mouse-click investigation shows him going to extraordinary lengths to get own way lawsuiting his way through life suing all who dare stand in his way. Unfortunately his fans do not seem to be able to put self in shoes of those who he attacks. The thing about lawsuits is defendent must still hire a lawyer which in the case of ones filed by the likes of Trump costs exorbitant and go unchallenged for this reason.

    Alchoholics, some drug abusers & untreated mentally ill (aggressive or PA) have one thing in common — control exerted upon those around them, though unfortunately some of the ill are abused & controlled in their weakened condition.

    Narcissism is an illness, delusional, as is egomania, a form of mania and the driving force behind these control freaks. Those around him would include all of us as well as world leaders if potus. At least some ill go into decline perticularly if untreated. Do we want a crazy man in WH who then goes into decline??? Mere intemperance disqualifies imo.

    Adolph Hitler was clearly ill, was then fueled by his ‘doctor’ who gave him ‘vitamin shots’ which were primarily methamphetimine as he descended into madness. I still believe he will not make it but there may have to be a messy brokered convention to get rid of the guy.

  2. Brooke Paige

    It is difficult for the VTGOP to work so hard to distance themselves from the “Donald” and at the same time to be tarred by him saying “some thoroughly obnoxious things and totally embarrasses the VTGOP !”

  3. newzjunqie

    Kind of my point. An insult from this crazy man could be taken as a compliment and rehab VT GOP image with moderate Dems, swing voters (who decide elections btw) and Indys.

    Majority of types of ppl he’s popular with are fringe element. High numbers are b/c there are R’s so livid by the actions of their party willing to ride shotgun and go for broke. I’m suspecting Dems polled and claiming loyalty to Trump. I am as furious with both sides but would simply sit it out or write-in George (Jane?) Jetson than go reckless & destructive but yeah I feel their rage.


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