The victims shall be the perps, and the perps shall be the victims

(From “The Redacted Beatitudes,” The Book Of Mitch, Chapter 12, verse 17.)

Someone’s getting a wee bit tetchy down Windham way. VTDigger:

Vermont State Police are investigating a “chilling” anti-Semitic voicemail left for an official whose company is seeking to build a large-scale wind farm in southern Vermont.

… Company officials requested the name and position of the employee, who is Jewish, not be released, and he declined to be interviewed.

Good to see that the anonymous perp did her due diligence. It’d be embarrassing if she left this little turd in, say, Clive MacGregor’s inbox:

“You ______ are a Jew and you cannot wait to drive 28 stakes through a town full of free, white Christian men with guns, and unfortunately the way to attract free, white Christian men with guns to you is to try and take their homes.”

“So, why don’t you go to Palestine ______ where you can shoot the feet of Palestinian soccer players, you can burn babies alive, you can rape Russian sex slaves and really overtly enjoy yourself rather than this covert activity in Vermont where you think no one knows you’re a Jew because you’re going to find out that they do. Bye-bye.”


You’d think this would be a clearcut case of crossing the line, right? Nobody could possibly defend this, could they?

Hahaha, we’re talking about the anti-wind brigade here.

And in the article and the comments section beneath, they tried to turn things completely backwards — pinning the blame on Iberdrola, pro-wind advocates, and the turbines themselves. First, anti-wind activist Liisa Kissel swore that her camp “would never do anything underhanded like that.”

So, false flag operation, I guess.

Next, Kim Fried:

This is an unfortunate incident but citizens and communities that are threatened by huge industrial ridge line developments feel desperate when they are ignored by the state and dismissed by the developer who has endless money to spread around. Desperate people will do desperate things to save their families and communities.

Yeah, desperate people have no choice but to make vicious anti-Semitic phone calls. I think this is another of the alleged effects of inaudible noise and/or Flicker Syndrome: noxious hate speech from a previously blameless, innocent Vermonter.

Next, a rather illiterate commenter named Neil Johnson:

You really need to thank VNRC and VPIRG for all these wind mills, they made it all happen.

Well them and all the legislators that gave this the fast track green light. They recently did a poll, by the Vermont Conservation Voter, which is run by the VNRC. They stated that they Democrats are doing all of what they want them too.

Ouch. Maybe our public school system does need an overhaul. And finally, of course, chief anti-renewables instigator Annette Smith had to weigh in:

This article proves once again that wind energy is one ugly business.

She went on to enumerate several alleged incidents of anti-wind advocates being threatened in one way or another. If those things happened, they are completely unacceptable and obnoxious. But to start out by blaming “wind energy” for producing ugliness in one of Smith’s fellow-travelers, well, that just shows you how far over the top and off the reservation she is.

Repeat after me, folks: Anti-Semitic threats are odious. They have no place in our public discourse no matter what the provocation. If the anti-wind folks want to be taken seriously as participants in energy debates, they need to stop making excuses for such behavior.

And while this particular threat may be an isolated incident, there is a nasty little nativist streak in the far reaches of the oppositionist world. Foreign names, foreign companies, are slammed for the very fact of their foreignness, as though they are alien threats to the purity of Vermont. Iberdrola. Gaz Metro. Blittersdorf. And now our anonymous Jewish employee.

Obviously the unknown hate caller stepped over the line. But many others have been walking right up to the line and sticking their toes on the other side. It was only a matter of time before one of their number took things too far.

7 thoughts on “The victims shall be the perps, and the perps shall be the victims

  1. newzjunqie

    Nothing AS says, does or believes is ever a surprise. All sickening and about as underhanded as one can be. Makes all the rules — abide by them or her minions will jump for your jugular like command attack dogs. They may be able to get somewhere if they would ditch her. With attacks beyond anything I’ve seen surrounding other issues, then blames renewable companies for being divisive, piles on anyone who dares call her or followers on the exploitation of those who claim to be suffering from “wind sickness” for her cause.

    They are divisive and the ones causing the trouble. And quite a laugh as the ski industry has pretty much taken over the mountains and pay peanuts to the state and locales for the use thereof, these folks never said a thing and still don’t proving their own hypocricy. Why? There was nor is no one w/deep pockets funding a ski area challenge.

    The money to astroturf this project is not small and I suspect Koch involvement b/c it’s now solar also. There are legitimate issues but if all of them were taken care of it still never stop.

    So, do we blame the opposing politcal party for causing “division”, not really. Though both sides can become incendiary with bitter opposition that’s life.

    No one is going to be such an ass as to voice agreement in a public forum, but by not calling it out and leaving the pro-con discussion for another day and then defending this type of behavior is tantamount to such and tacit agreement.

    Greatly saddened that my fellow VTers could be so viscious and hateful toward a people who have suffered so much persecution and misery. But it serves as stark reminder of the lengths some will go to force their will upon others. Depressing.

  2. Brooke Paige

    Whose “Doing” Who (or is that Whom) ?

    I am having a little trouble with the “anti-sematic” angle here. Isn’t Iberdrola Renewables the second largest “renewable” provider in the U.S. a international company with its headquarters‎ in ‎Valencia, Spain ?

    While I CANNOT fathom how opponents of “big wind” would sink to making derogatory remarks about the religion (or nationality) of a single field employee, even if the firm isin the process of destroying the lives of the participants. Was this employee even in the forefront of field activities or in a high profile position in the negotiations over regulatory or zoning issues? Not that this would justify the misbehavior, but it would help to at least have some inkling of why this happened.

    I CAN conceive of a big corporation using a “false flag” tactic claiming that such an incident had occurred in order to discredit a small “grassroots” organization to push them out of the way of their next “industrial” power plant in the same way that opponents of nuclear projects in the ’60’s and ’70’s were accused of vandalism and sabotage to discredit them !

    H. Brooke Paige
    Washington, Vermont

    information on the firm at:

    1. newzjunqie

      A fair point. I myself believe it is highly unlikely that the antiwind crowd had tires slashed by prowind forces, used by Annette Smith as excuse for the visceral attack on the Jewish employee with her litany of injustices in ridiculous rant(s), ever the snakeshifter softens tone when other antis disapprove of antisemitic attack. I have held this suspicion in other similar attacks launched upon controversial figures so stands to reason the possibility exists here. Claiming victimization always a sure way to gain sympathy.

      I believe it is still possible to investigate at least what area call was coming from and possibly even the number, through phone company records. ‘Call block’ blocks number from recipient but not the communication server as it would not be billable and can still be unblocked by certain technologies.

      I use it myself and occasionally am asked if number used is connected to my account, so shows it is possible to bypass. If NSA is monitoring phone calls & records doesn’t seem to make sense that a mere call block could thwart all this since there is an ongoing war between encrypters and NSA to make the key available. So if bypass is available, of all who would have this ability, surely phone companies would, making them able to decode blocked incoming and outgoing calls.

      I tend not to believe it is pro-wind as they have no real reason to make themselves appear as victim. Regulatory structure, state law and siting rules favor them so simply no incentive imo.

  3. walter moses

    What crap. If you see need to change the name of a high school basketball team, cause the name “Rebels” is anti-American, I guess you can believe that an anonymous phone call from a sick mind can be extrapolated to anyone anti- industrial wind is anti-Semitic. Your post did remind me to send Annette Smith a check in support of VCE. It goes out in the mail Monday. Keep up the stream of manure John, I find it amusing.
    By the way, the correct contraction is ” frinstance”, nice to see you once read Mad magazine.

      1. walter moses

        Listening? Naw, I thought I was reading. Didn’t have to move my lips either, so there!

    1. newzjunqie

      Those commenting to the Digger story who are not clearly stating disapproval or better yet saying nothing are giving tacit approval to the caller. They are quit obviously either antisemitic or channelling antisemitism. If one does not wish to wear this badge, I think it’s safe to say probably shouldn’t be impersonating a racist.

      “Amusing” , really??? Most ppl generally speaking laugh when amused not jump up and town until tighty whities in a knot. Own hatred is palpable as evidenced by ongoing poutrage & temper tantrums.


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