Metapost: Apparently I’m an established blogger now

In recent weeks, a new kind of advertising has appeared on these pages. This is because WordPress has accepted me into its WordAds program. My blog has high and consistent enough traffic that it’s worth their while to sell ad space on theVPO and send me some of the proceeds.

It’s a nice accomplishment, especially for a blog with relatively niche appeal. I appreciate all my regular readers; just by visiting, you’re helping put a little coin in the tip jar. This includes the gun-rights crowd that keeps coming back and back in response to my background check post. Thanks, guys! Your comments say “no,” but your pageviews say “yes.”

As for the ads themselves. I have no control over which advertisers are featured. Indeed, I suspect that different readers see different ads. I think it’s based, at least partly, on your recent browser history. Example: earlier this week I went to Hotwire for some travel arrangements. Since then, I’ve been seeing Hotwire ads on theVPO when I visit to check on comments.

That’s all. Carry on. You keep visiting, I’ll keep writing.

4 thoughts on “Metapost: Apparently I’m an established blogger now

  1. Jacob

    Congrats with the being accepted thing. WordPress ads have some rules to be accepted. Personally I still like adsense better. Just because its bigger the rates are better for most keywords.

  2. H. Brooke Paige

    Congratulations John !

    While we disagree more often than we agree, you insightful perspective and witty delivery are (almost) always appreciated by this newly minted Democrat.

    All the Best from Your Favorite “Birther”,

  3. Rita Pitkin

    Congratulations. I am so glad I found your blog, refreshing insights delivered with a sense of humor (mostly!). I read it all


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