VTGOP Statement on Leadership Provides Exactly None

When I first saw this on Twitter, I must confess I got a little bit excited.


Here, at last, was something I’d been hoping for but not really expecting: an actual statement from Vermont Republicans on their party’s sorry-ass presidential field. Which is a problem for the VTGOP, because no matter which candidate gets the nomination, he or she will certainly be a drag on the VTGOP’s ticket — while either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders promise to spark high turnout among Democratic voters.

So what wisdom does VTGOP chair David Sunderland offer at this difficult time?

Er, nothing.

The statement is only four paragraphs long. The first two are standard party bumpf — “We are committed to common sense leadership, while the Democrats have failed us all.” Blah, blah, blah.

And here’s the rest of it, verbatim. It’ll take you about 10 seconds to read.

The upcoming presidential campaign is also crucial for the future of our country. The very direction and character of our nation is at stake.

We trust the primary process and Vermont Republican voters to select a presidential nominee who supports our constitution, America’s sacred freedoms, Vermont values and who leads with both character and integrity.

There’s an example of Republican Leadership for you: A tepid handful of catchphrases, signifying nothing.

Not that I expected Sunderland to say anything specific to differentiate Vermont Republicans from the excesses of the national party. Not when the cash-starved VTGOP might very well need a financial bailout in 2016, like the one it got in 2012 from the Romney campaign. But I was hoping for better than this. Especially when Donald Trump is surging in the polls thanks to his anti-Muslim fearmongering.

Alas, no such leadership is to be found at the top of the Vermont Republican Party.

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