Another political scofflaw

Even as Garrett Graff maintains radio silence about his possibly illegal candidacy for Lieutenant Governor, another political hopeful has run afoul of Vermont election law.

Don’t get your knickers in a twist; it’s only Brooke Paige.

Yes, the best-dressed man in Vermont politics has a problem with his 2016 plans. The Burlington Free Press, November 30:

Brooke Paige of Washington has also said he plans to run in the Democratic primary for governor and attorney general, as well as seeking the attorney general nomination on the Republican side.

Vermont state law:

A person’s name shall not be listed as a candidate on the primary ballot of more than one party in the same election.


I sent an email to Secretary of State Jim Condos, who confirmed that Paige would not be allowed to run as both a Democrat and as a Republican in the same contest. (He could run in one party and also run as an independent, but he can’t try to represent more than one party.)

The sharp-eyed Secretary had noticed the passage in Monday’s Free Press, and told Will Senning, Director of Elections and Campaign Finance, to notify Paige of the problem. The response, per Condos:

Mr Paige hopes his supporters will write him in for the R primary!

Problem solved, I guess. Apparently Paige will now seek only the Democratic nominations for Governor and AG. He may still have a decent shot in the Republican AG primary because so far, the VTGOP has failed to identify a candidate. There’s lots of time left, but political pot-stirrers take note: if no “actual” Republican files for AG, a handful of voters might be able to saddle the Republican ticket with Vermont’s leading Obama birther.

3 thoughts on “Another political scofflaw

  1. chuck gregory

    Back in the 70’s, various opportunists who sniffed the wind realized that the Southern Strategy was probably their best bet for staying in office (the GOP was doing a great job of peeling whites away from the Dems by appealing to fear and prejudice), so they switched to the GOP. Colorado senator Ben Lighthorse Campbell was one of the first. A commentator at the time said the national parties were really just big banks and Campbell was just changing banks. Paige thinks the Vermont GOP has money???

  2. H. Brooke Paige


    Read closely, please:

    “H. Brooke Paige of Washington has also said he plans to run in the Democratic primary for governor and attorney general, as well as seeking the attorney general nomination on the Republican side.”

    While I will be petitioning for inclusion on the Democratic Primary Ballot I will be soliciting write-in votes in the Republican primary – just as Dean Corren did in his 2014 bid to win the Lt. Governor’s Office. I will not run in the General Election as an Independent, nor solicit signatures for a petition to do so !

    A chat with Will Senning last Tuesday, confirmed that my efforts would not run afoul of Title 17,

    I certainly am not one to scoff at the law or the Constitution !

    Best Wishes,

    postscript – Still don’t get the “birther” label given that I have always recognized that Mr. Obama was, most probably, born in Hawaii and was therefore born a Fourteenth Amendment “citizen of the United States” as a result of his birth in country. B.P.

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      I took a bit of literary license on both points. You did, indeed, respond appropriately to Senning’s advice, and you deserve credit for that. And I used “birther” as shorthand for those who believe that Barack Obama should be disqualified from holding office.

      On the other hand, I hope you appreciated my acknowledgment that you’re the best dressed man in VT politics.


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