Climate change follies

You’ve got to hand it to David Sunderland, chair of the VTGOP. When he gets hold of a notion, he just doesn’t let go. No matter how stupid the notion may be.

Today’s exhibit: Not content with a series of inflammatory press releases against the carbon tax, which is not on the Legislature’s agenda, nor will it be anytime soon, Sunderland has launched a new website aimed specifically at the carbon tax. Which is not on the agenda, nor will it be anytime soon.

But brave Dave won’t let the facts get in his way on this, any more than the scientific consensus on climate change has penetrated his brain. The website depicts a doomsday scenario for Vermont, and the Demcrats as the evil villains plotting the state’s demise.

Well, as Hillary Clinton told one of the House Benghazi Committee bozos, “I’m sorry that it doesn’t fit your narrative. I can only tell you what the facts were.”

Turning the page… more developments on the Climate Change Debate saga.

This began with VPIRG’s Paul Burns challenging Sunderland to a public debate on the carbon tax, and Sunderland deflecting the challenge to VT Democratic Party chair Dottie Deans.

So now, Rob Roper and John McClaughry of the Ethan Allen Institute have returned the challenge to Burns, challenging him to a sort-of bridge game style debate: Roper and McClaughry versus Burns and VPIRG staffer Ben Walsh, or another partner of Burns’ choosing.

Burns, to his credit, responded quickly and enthusiastically:

I’d be very happy to debate these issues with you and John. Depending on availability, Jon Erickson of the University of Vermont’s Rubenstein School will be joining me. I look forward discussing logistics sometime soon.

Getcha popcorn, folks. Should be a fun event, unless Roper and McClaughry get cold feet.

It won’t really be a debate on the carbon tax, of course. McClaughry is an unapologetic climate change denier, while Roper is against any action by Vermont to mitigate climate change, so the debate is likely to go to the underlying issue. And since the Ethan Allen Boys are on the opposite side of the scientific community, I think we can count on a solid win for the good guys.

7 thoughts on “Climate change follies

  1. rp

    Even as an old dog, I can smell a trick here.

    The VT republicans have no hopes or worries about actually leading this ship of state anywhere in the next few years. They also, apparently have no real local funding unless former Wall Street honchos can also call themselves Vermonters.

    What they do have is a lot of available money from some outside forces that get apoplectic whenever they hear the phrase Climate Change. These forces are willing to spend virtually unliited funds at state, local, and federal levels to get their message out on any available media.

    I don’t think this is limited to our little state. There are several 100 of millions of dollars being dedicated just from a couple of brothers to this cause. Throw in some gambling magnates and other corporate interests and you’re starting to talk about serious money!

  2. Dennis Shanley

    Please stop pushing Hillary Clinton down our throats. The last thing we need is another “Establishment” President.

  3. Faith Biggs King

    Off topic comment here! Hope I can sneak it past Le Gatekeeper (aka: You) – although it relates to Clinton, for sure. Really referencing your posts on the presidential race (decision to endorse Clinton, and your finding it ‘curious’ that a Dem gubernatorial candidate would endorse someone other than Clinton). Both posts created a vast Bummer Crater from which could be heard sighs. Et Tu, John? (Christ, man, you know she’s been bought) Then read a great piece by Matt Taibbi in The Rolling Stone that addressed this depressing phenomenon – spot on – “The Case For Bernie Sanders”. He pulls the veil off media pundits with their emphatic declarations that ‘Clinton has the nomination now’ or ‘Bernie just can’t win a national race’ by sharing what we rubes suspect (it’s all bullshit) and explaining why you all do it…. God, if a few of you stood up and said “no more” it could be the start of something really radical. I continue to hope.

  4. rp

    Faith – I don’t know your provenance but I assume you want open discussion of issues and opinions.

    I’m far from being in the camp of any candidate and I HATE being called a supporter. But I do expect a breath of fresh air in the Green Mountains.

    However, I do think that there really wasn’t anything in Mr. Walter’s article that merits this level of rebuttal. Maybe I’m not familiar enough with the Vermont familial bickering.

  5. Dennis Shanley

    Thanks, Faith, for directing us to an excellent article that presents a fresh and intelligent view of what is going on in the “Politics Game”. I hope that all readers of this blog take the time to view it.

  6. newzjunqie

    Anyone who follwows VPO knows Jvw is solidly behind Clinton, and oddly getting a bit of flak. I don’t want either, least of all Killary so no doggie here. Hardly a breath of fresh air in D/P lala-land of VT imo. One commenter on a different VT blog calls Bernie ‘Chief Lala’. Makes no secret of his liberal leanings so support for HRC is unsurprising afaic. D/P caucus together but there are stark differences.

    I fail to detect any plotline here. Dems are not Progs, so wishin & hopin they were does not make them blameworthy for any real or imagined loss. I was all for Bernie until I took a look at our country and state at the hands of the left, Bernies is further left. Representing VT is one thing having hands on national levers a whole dif ballgame.

    For me the reason for supposed inevitability for establishment candidates is recognizing how elections are run which is enough to undazzle any dreams. Alignment with globalist/unipolarity is a must; Bernie passes imo as does HRC.

    However recognizing the delegates, superdelegates and machine politics at work behind the scenes will give anyone a rather ice-cold slap of reality check. Most journalists know this angle which is why they say what they say, surely not trying to be a bunch of meany-heads but getting it right or at least trying is what they do.


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