Bizarro Dave

I’m writing an awful lot about David Sunderland lately, but then he’s been doing a lot of dumb stuff lately. And this tidbit is the cherry on his hacktastic sundae.

The Vermont Press Bureau’s Josh O’Gorman did a writeup of the VTGOP chair’s latest stunt — the anti-carbon tax website, which seeks to blame Democrats for something that’s not going to happen.

And deep within the article, I discovered the source of Sunderland’s difficulty with facts.

David Sunderland (not exactly as illustrated)

David Sunderland (not exactly as illustrated)

He appears to live in an alternate dimension, with a parallel but very different set of events. Look:

Sunderland said he believes a carbon tax could be in the cards come January.

“It’s possible this will happen,” Sunderland said. “If you look to the past, nobody in million years would have ever thought we would enact state-run, single-payer health care, but it happened.”


Vermont has a state-run, single-payer health care system?

How did I miss that?

Have I been dreaming the last several years of Vermont Health Connect woes, political dithering on further reform efforts, and the Governor’s sad abandonment of his top priority?

No, no, I don’t think so. I think Mr. Sunderland is actually Bizarro Dave. In his dimension, single-payer health care happened, and the carbon tax is on the fast track.

What else, Dave? in Bizarro Vermont, did we enact strict gun control and impose confiscatory tax rates on the wealthy? Did we legalize marijuana? And cocaine and heroin? Did we install wind turbines on every mountaintop and ridgeline? Did the Governor, rather than renouncing a bid for a fourth term, install himself as King?

You know, at some point Phil Scott should be held to account for the hyper-partisan tactics and overblown fantasies of his chosen party chair.

Or maybe that’s the point: Scott can sail blithely on in his Everyman persona, while Sunderland does the dirty work. That’s how Jim Douglas operated, after all: he put a smiley face on his conservatism, while young hacks like Jim Barnett and Neale Lunderville handled the ratf*cking.

2 thoughts on “Bizarro Dave

  1. walter moses

    Jeeze, is Jim Barnett back in town? Barre, Montpelier or where ever? I thought he left to man the tiller on Mc Cains life raft. Good job Jim! All the best.

  2. Walter Carpenter

    “He appears to live in an alternate dimension, with a parallel but very different set of events.” Ahh, the old playbook of the GOP, setting up the FUD: fear, uncertainty, and doubt.


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