Return of theVPO Media Crossover Event!!!

Prepping for another hosting spot on WDEV’s Mark Johnson Show Monday morning. Also Thursday, Friday, and next Monday the 29th. Here’s the lineup for tomorrow and some notes on the rest of the week…

9:00 Monday: State Rep. Corey Parent, R-St. Albans. He was one of eight freshman state lawmakers chosen for the Canadian Embassy’s “Rising State Leaders” program, which included a tour of eastern Canada. We’ll talk about his trip and his reflections on his first year in the Legislature. And since he’s from Franklin County, I’m sure I’ll ask him about Sen. Norm McAllister.

10:00 Monday: Sarah McCall, executive director of Emerge Vermont, a group that trains aspiring women to enter the political arena. (Vermont has rarely elected women to statewide office, and has never sent a woman to Congress.) We’ll talk about the ongoing shakeup in Vermont politics and whether it creates chances for women to move up the ladder.

And later in the hour, we’ll catch up with State Sen. Becca Balint. She was a 2014 graduate of Emerge Vermont, who went on to win a Senate seat from Windham County. She’ll talk about what the program did for her, and her thoughts on Year One in the legislature.

As for my other upcoming days…

On Thursday the 25th at 9, I’ll speak with Jim Salzman, water policy expert from Duke University, and author of the book “Drinking Water: A History.” He’s one of the Vermont Law School’s visiting summer scholars.

On Thursday at 10 and Friday at 9 respectively, I’ll be speaking with former State Sen. Matt Dunne and House Speaker Shap Smith. They’ve been mentioned by pretty much everybody as potential candidates for Governor next year.

And I’ve got a really big show lined up for my last day in the Mark chair, next Monday the 29th. In the first hour, Bishop Christopher Coyne of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington. And at 10:00, State Treasurer Beth Pearce.

WDEV can be heard in most of northern and central Vermont at either 550 AM or 96.1 FM. The Mark Johnson Show also streams live at

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