Donovan vs. The Invisible Man

Well, the news broke late Sunday on Seven Days’ website: Chittenden County State’s Attorney TJ Donovan will run for Attorney General, setting up a potential Grudge Match return engagement of his 2012 primary battle with incumbent Eternal General Bill Sorrell. And from day one, Donovan will be in the unusual position of being favored over an incumbent from the same party.

Donovan came very close to winning last time. This time, he appears to have a very united Democratic Party behind him. Top Dems continue to hope and pray that their AG will, ahem, “retire” and spend the next year and a half doing a victory lap.

Hints abounded at Friday night’s Curtis Awards dinner, one of the VDP’s big shindigs of the year. Donovan was given a Curtis Award, while Sorrell was nowhere to be seen. Even his name was a no-show:

There was, quite literally, no sign of him. Banners for all the other Democratic statewide elected officeholders, except Sorrell, covered the wall behind the stage. Julia Barnes, executive director of the Vermont Democratic Party, said the party didn’t have a Sorrell banner to hang.

Aww darnit, she must have left it in her other suit.

Sorrell, of course, is awaiting the result of the unprecedented independent investigation into his campaign finance activities. And as far as I know, since that probe was launched he hasn’t been seen in public with top Democrats.

Friday was also a big night for Transportation Secretary Sue Minter, who also got a Curtis Award and gave, from all accounts, the best speech of the night. She’s expected to run for Lieutenant Governor, unless she decides to pursue the governorship or Vermont’s seat in Congress. The latter depends, natch, on incumbent Peter Welch deciding to run for Governor. Whatever she decides to do, she’s got a lot of Democrats on her side.

But for now, the big news is that Donovan will again challenge Sorrell. Good news for those of us who believe that our Eternal General is well past his sell-by date.

1 thought on “Donovan vs. The Invisible Man

  1. Fred Woogmaster

    In my opinion, Sorrell HAS decided. He will not run again.
    Although Donovan has performed admirably in his capacity as States Attorney, my hope for an alternative candidate – not a prosecutor, perhaps not even a lawyer – has not diminished.


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