Metapost: Thanks for all the views

This here blog is less than one month old — time flies when you’re blogging from your metaphorical Mom’s basement — but the initial response has been heartening. Daily pageviews rise and fall with the amount of fresh content I post, which is a constant challenge. But when I do put up content, you folks read it, and I truly appreciate your time and attention.

The past three days, with a lot of posts on campaign finance (and one or two more to come), have produced my top three days ever for pageviews. In big-boy terms I’m still a small fish; my biggest day was 289 views. But for a brand-new blog with a narrow focus, that’s not bad.

I hope I continue to merit your attention with my somewhat salty combo platter of serious analysis, political news, in-depth commentary, and the blogger’s prerogative: “savagery with acerbic wit,” in the words of Joe Benning.

Thanks again. I hope this is just the beginning of a great adventure.

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