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The last action hero

Phil Scott wants you to know that he’s working hard, always on the move, living a life full of action. Or so it would seem, based on a press release from his campaign entitled “Week In Action 5/6/2016.”

And what an action-packed week it was. By his own account, Phil Scott spent the week talking, shaking hands, sitting, talking some more, casting a vote, and… um… talking.

The self-described “highlights” from his Week In Action include:

— Standing in the Cedar Creek Room to accept the endorsement of 54 Republican lawmakers.

— “He shared an in-depth approach to leadership” and “introduced his plan to restore faith and trust in government” — by posting material on his website! (Well, chances are someone else did the posting. And the writing.)

The above item is entitled “ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.” And it’s about WORDS, for Pete’s sake. The Scott Campaign: Where Irony Goes To Die.

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