The last action hero

Phil Scott wants you to know that he’s working hard, always on the move, living a life full of action. Or so it would seem, based on a press release from his campaign entitled “Week In Action 5/6/2016.”

And what an action-packed week it was. By his own account, Phil Scott spent the week talking, shaking hands, sitting, talking some more, casting a vote, and… um… talking.

The self-described “highlights” from his Week In Action include:

— Standing in the Cedar Creek Room to accept the endorsement of 54 Republican lawmakers.

— “He shared an in-depth approach to leadership” and “introduced his plan to restore faith and trust in government” — by posting material on his website! (Well, chances are someone else did the posting. And the writing.)

The above item is entitled “ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.” And it’s about WORDS, for Pete’s sake. The Scott Campaign: Where Irony Goes To Die.

And then we get to the main course:

Throughout the legislative session, Phil has remained focused on his primary responsibility – serving Vermonters in the current job they elected him to do.

Okay, so (1) he’s claiming extra credit for doing the job he’s supposed to do, and (2) it’s the most nothing-burger job in state government. But hey, once in a while he has to TAKE ACTION:

Over the last week, that included casting a tie-breaking vote (Lt. Governor’s only vote when there is a tie in the Senate). The vote broke a 14-14 tie, and halted an effort to increase the penalties for riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

Wow. He cast a vote. A whole, entire vote. I hope he did some stretches and hydrated himself beforehand, and took a lengthy rest afterward. That kind of pace can kill you. (Also note the extraneous apostrophe in “Lt. Governor’s”)

But wait, there’s more!

He also took time to welcome students from Shelburne’s Renaissance School on their first visit to the state house.

Even while Phil was busy wrapping up the legislative session, he had the opportunity to meet with Vermonters in Colchester and South Royalton.

Oooh, he met a group of students! And made two whole campaign stops! And, apparently all by his lonesome and with no help from anyone else, was “busy wrapping up the legislative session.” If he hadn’t been there, who would have banged the gavel?

What a man.

But wait, there’s more!

Team Scott also got a jump start on Vermont Green Up Day, cleaning up Route 2 on Friday. Phil was able to take a quick lunch break between sessions to join in!

In other words, Scott’s minions spent the day picking up trash, and Phil stopped by for a quick photo-op.

Frankly, this is precisely the kind of stuff a candidate is expected to do. I’ve got no problem with any of it. What irks me is the framing of all this talking, gladhanding, and sitting in a big chair as ACTION.

Phil Scott, The Lamest Action Hero.

Looking forward to future installments of The Weak Inaction — er, sorry, The Week In Action.

6 thoughts on “The last action hero

  1. Eddie Garcia

    Wow, the actual irony is that you seem to be pronouncing Phil’s latest go rounds “weak sauce” – which is how I’d decribe this post.
    Grasping at straws much?

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      Like I said, it’s not the week’s activity that bothers me. It’s the attempt to label it as ACTION, which is of a piece with the general depiction of Phil Scott as a transformative leader. He is not. As Governor, he would be another Jim Douglas — an uncreative, corpulent manager and a speed bump for the Democrats. If that’s what you want, go ahead and vote for him. But don’t try to sell him as a hero.

  2. Walter Carpenter

    “he strenuously avoided participating in any governor-candidate forums sponsored by Rights and Democracy VT.”

    Has he been to any of the governor-candidate forums? I cannot remember a single one that Scott has attended this year. I may be wrong, but I cannot remember a single one.

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      He has attended at least a couple. Let’s see how he does now that the Legislature is out of session. (If the Scott campaign wants to provide further details, they are free to do so.)

  3. Walter Carpenter

    Thanks. I couldn’t remember if he had attended one. I’ve been at a couple and Scott was nowhere near the place.


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