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Hey, remember when the world ended?

It wasn’t that long ago.

Our nation’s media went on high alert. Republicans fell all over themselves trying to spread politically-harvestable panic and blaming President Obama for endangering our nation. In Vermont, all eyes turned to the curious story of a homeless guy who called himself a doctor. Yup, remember Peter Italia?

It was the fall of 2014, and the cause of the imminent apocalypse was the Ebola virus.

Well, we’re still here. And look at this notice from the Vermont Department of Health:

In a Health Advisory on October 31, 2014, the Health Department issued Ebola preparedness guidance for health care settings. The guidance included an Ebola-specific patient advisory sign that could be used to help identify patients with Ebola virus disease. Use of this sign may now be discontinued. 

Widespread transmission of Ebola in West Africa has been controlled, although additional cases may continue to occur sporadically. The CDC has changed its country classification for Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea to “countries with former widespread transmission and current, established control measures.” As a result, the Health Department has discontinued active monitoring for individuals who have returned from travel to these countries.

(Bold type used by the Health Department.) How about that. Quite impressive, really. I remember when it was thought impossible to control a new virus in a place as dark, untamed, and backward as the stereotype of Africa we have in our minds. The best we could do was to wall ourselves off.

Of course, we moved on from that apocalypse long ago, so you might be forgiven for not remembering the brief Ebola Panic that infected far more people than the Ebola virus itself ever did. Fortunately, the only health effects of Ebola Panic are transitory elevations in blood pressure and a compulsion to watch cable news.

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I guess we don’t have to worry about Rick Perry becoming President

In my previous recitation of Corry Bliss’ stunningly unsuccessful career as a campaign operative, I somehow missed a big one. Dingbat Texas Governor Rick Perry, whose 2012 Presidential campaign splattered on the rocks of his own ineptitude, has set up a political action committee, the catchily-monickered RickPAC, to “help fund candidates who agree with the governor’s priorities,” according to RickPAC spokesman Mark Miner. 

And guess who’s been hired on at RickPAC? 

The treasurer of RickPAC, Stefan Passantino, is the head of the political law section of the Washington law firm McKenna Long & Aldridge. He is also a longtime legal adviser to Newt Gingrich. The assistant treasurer, Corry Bliss, has served in statewide political campaigns in Vermont and Georgia, and his aggressive, bare-knuckled political style has been compared to Karl Rove.

Corry Freakin’ Bliss. Again. 

Oh. My. God. 

How the hell does Corry “0-7” Bliss keep getting jobs? Doesn’t Rick Perry have enough political baggage left over from 2012 without hiring the Joe Btfsplk of Republican Politics? 

One good thing: with Corry Bliss on board, I believe America is safe from the potential catastrophe of a Rick Perry Presidency.