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Foto Follies with Corry Bliss

Here’s a dispatch from the heartland, where longtime Republican Senator Pat Roberts is in the fight of his political life against independent Greg Orman, even though Kansas is just about the reddest of red states.

The national Republicans, seeing an unexpected threat, “cleaned out the Roberts campaign and started over with their own people,” and pumping a lotta cash money into the race.

This photo appears in the dictionary next to the definition of "douchenozzle."

This photo appears in the dictionary next to the definition of “douchenozzle.”

Those “people” included Corry Bliss, best known in these parts for driving Brian Dubie’s gubernatorial candidacy over a cliff with streetfight tactics that dented Dubie’s dubious image as a Jim Douglas-style conciliator. It was business as usual for Bliss, who somehow manages to keep getting campaign gigs in spite of the fact that he’s never, ever, not even once, been on the winning side.

Upon parachuting into Kansas, Bliss and Co. immediately turned Roberts to the right:

Roberts… has raised the specter of “national socialism” on the campaign trail and stumped with tea party stalwarts like Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ted Cruz (R-TX), as well as former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

So far, it’s worked: recent polls indicate that Roberts has shored up support among hard-core conservatives. So maybe Bliss will finally break into the win column.

But not if he does stupid shit like this: 

The national website Buzzfeed has revealed that the Pat Roberts for Senate campaign has been using stock photos of sunflowers from the Ukraine, not Kansas, for its public-relations materials.

The photos, traced back to Ukrainian photographer Mykola Velychko, appear at the top of Roberts’ campaign Web page, his Facebook page and campaign news releases.

Kansas is, ICYMI, the Sunflower State. This is like a Vermont candidate pouring Mrs. Butterworth’s on his pancakes.

Bliss, naturally, “sought to downplay the ‘oops’ factor.”

“Is this a joke?” Bliss told Buzzfeed. “It’s obviously a stock image used by our digital firm to reflect that Kansas is the Sunflower State. But given the many serious issues facing our country right now, I doubt voters care about this silly line of attack by Greg Orman and his liberal allies.”

To be fair, Bliss has a point. The use of stock photos is almost universal, and there’s no evidence that the voters care about it. But… Corry Bliss himself does, when it’s convenient:

Managing Republican Senate hopeful Linda McMahon in Connecticut two years ago, Bliss made political hay of a similar mistake by opponent Chris Murphy, who used pictures of a Norwegian submarine in a campaign ad instead of one from a shipyard in Groton.

In the 2012 flap, Bliss told Hearst media: “Our campaign received several phone calls from both workers at Electric Boat and veterans who served on submarines, both of which were amazed that Congressman Murphy would feature a Norwegian sub in a television ad claiming it was from Groton.”

I’ll bet he wishes the Internet had never been invented. Because thanks to The Google, it’s quite simple to follow the trail of wreckage that Corry Bliss leaves in his wake.


I guess we don’t have to worry about Rick Perry becoming President

In my previous recitation of Corry Bliss’ stunningly unsuccessful career as a campaign operative, I somehow missed a big one. Dingbat Texas Governor Rick Perry, whose 2012 Presidential campaign splattered on the rocks of his own ineptitude, has set up a political action committee, the catchily-monickered RickPAC, to “help fund candidates who agree with the governor’s priorities,” according to RickPAC spokesman Mark Miner. 

And guess who’s been hired on at RickPAC? 

The treasurer of RickPAC, Stefan Passantino, is the head of the political law section of the Washington law firm McKenna Long & Aldridge. He is also a longtime legal adviser to Newt Gingrich. The assistant treasurer, Corry Bliss, has served in statewide political campaigns in Vermont and Georgia, and his aggressive, bare-knuckled political style has been compared to Karl Rove.

Corry Freakin’ Bliss. Again. 

Oh. My. God. 

How the hell does Corry “0-7” Bliss keep getting jobs? Doesn’t Rick Perry have enough political baggage left over from 2012 without hiring the Joe Btfsplk of Republican Politics? 

One good thing: with Corry Bliss on board, I believe America is safe from the potential catastrophe of a Rick Perry Presidency.

A familiar face is sent to the rescue in Kansas

In case you haven’t been following the Pat Roberts saga… he’s a longtime Republican U.S. Senator from the deeply red state of Kansas, whose re-election bid is, amazingly, in serious trouble. This week, the Democratic challenger Chad Taylor withdrew from the race in favor of popular Independent Greg Orman. 

In response, Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach identified a legal technicality for keeping Taylor on the ballot in hopes that a three-way race will save Roberts’ bacon. 

But just in case that bit of legalistic chicanery isn’t enough, a well-known campaign consultant has been parachuted in by the national GOP to take the reins of Roberts’ troubled campaign. 

And the name of Pat Roberts’ would-be hero, according to Politico.com? 

Corry Bliss. corrybliss1edt

Corry freakin’ Bliss. 

Good God in Heaven. 

Bliss, for those with short memories, is widely credited with bringing the Jim Douglas era to a crashing halt by piloting Brian Dubie’s gubernatorial campaign straight into the ground. He’s a prime example of a Republican campaign consultant who loses every time but somehow continues to get new gigs. And I mean every time: Bliss’ record is a stunning 0 wins, 7 losses. 

A brief recap of Bliss’ appalling career: He graduated from law school in 2006, and managed the re-election bid of a Virginia congresswoman into defeat. In 2010 he came to Vermont and took control of the Dubie campaign. Refresh my memory; how did that turn out? 

“Corry Bliss took a candidate that was up 20 points and turned him into a loser by election day,” said Bradford Broyles, a Republican activist from Mendon, a town in the central part of the state, near Killington. “We’re still repairing the damage to the Republican party.”

Bliss ended his Vermont tenure by writing a court-ordered letter of apology to settle a libel suit. 

After that, Bliss returned to his native Virginia where he took a State Senate candidate with a nice-guy image, trashed said image with negative campaign tactics, and — you guessed it — lost the race. Sound familiar, Brian?

He then failed upward to pro-wrestling magnate Linda McMahon’s very expensive and unsuccessful 2012 bid to win a U.S. Senate seat in Connecticut, earning fresh criticism for devious campaign tactics: 

Doorhangers call on voters to cast their ballots for President Obama as well as McMahon, promising the pair “will fight for us.” T-shirts mimicking the election gear worn by members of the Service Employees International Union are being donned by pro-McMahon forces at polling places, again tying McMahon to Obama. They read “I Support Obama & McMahon November 6th.” And “sample ballots” bearing McMahon’s campaign bug are being handed out at some urban polling places with just two names on them: McMahon and Obama.


Nowhere does any of this material say McMahon is a Republican or is herself voting for Mitt Romney.

Good times. In spite of Bliss’ Super Genius skulduggery, McMahon lost the race by 12 percentage points. 

But that didn’t stop Corry Bliss, no sirree. He hightailed it back to Virginia, where he signed onto the re-election bid of five-term incumbent lawmaker Joe May, who, yes indeedy, had a reputation as a good guy. May lost in the Republican primary, and Bliss’ “nasty, vicious, dark” tactics took the blame. 

This year, Bliss signed on to the Senatorial bid of former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel*. Whoops; she came in third in a five-way primary. 

*Handel, by the way, was fresh off a disastrous turn as a top executive at Susan G. Komen for the Cure. She was the one behind the decision to cut ties with Planned Parenthood that nearly sank one of America’s most popular charities. 

And now, after compiling an 0-7 record as a campaign manager, Corry Bliss is Pat Roberts’ designated savior. 

All I can say is, good luck, Mr. Roberts.