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Here She Comes Again

Hey, remember this entry in our fall series on stealth conservatives? This is Allison Duquette, unsuccessful candidate for House in the Chittenden-25 district. She lost by almost ten percentage points to Democrat Julia Andrews in a district that had been represented by the very conservative Bob Bancroft.

Duquette managed to out-conservative her district by, among other things, arguing that: The reproductive rights amendment, Article 22, would create a dystopia in which the state could decide a fetus should be aborted if it had significant health problems and we should do nothing about climate change because ‚ÄúVermont has some of the cleanest air in the country.” She also refused to say who won the 2020 presidential election and floated conspiracy theories about What Really Happened On January 6.

Well, now Duquette is running for a seat on the Milton Town School Board. And you’ll never guess what she’s all het up about.

Yep, critical race theory.

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