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Hey, they fixed Bruce’s banner!

As I surf the web, the banner ads for Phil Scott and Bruce Lisman continue to follow me like the shambling monster in “It Follows.” Last week, I noted the graphic-design shortcomings of both campaigns’ efforts — with Lisman’s being the worse of the two.

Well, maybe they read my post, because they’ve put up a new and much better banner ad.

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Adventures in bad banner design

You know how online advertising works. You shop for something on the Internet — socks, refrigerators, hotels — and you get a torrent of related banner ads wherever you browse.

So me, politics. I’m getting a load of banner ads from candidates. Ironically, mostly Republicans. (The tracking software doesn’t detect sarcasm.) And, given the relative rate of spending, mostly about Bruce Lisman.

My conclusion: whatever he’s spending all that money on, he’s getting screwed on graphics. Just look at this.

Lisman banner ad from Politico

Ugh. Looks like a quick cut-and-paste job by a hyperactive five-year-old with a rudimentary grasp of Photoshop. Cluttered, random, doesn’t stand out, doesn’t guide the eye, too many messages. And then there’s that terrible photo crammed into the middle: why would you want to show your candidate squinting?

More bad banners… after the jump.

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Adventures in Unfortunate Graphic Design

Generally speaking, Sue Minter’s gubernatorial effort has taken on a sharper edge since Molly Ritner came on board as campaign manager. They’re quick on the draw with statements on the issues, they’ve got Minter out and about quite a bit. And they came up with a nice way to spotlight a liberal jobs agenda: the Making Vermont Work Tour.

Arguably derivative of Pihl Scott’s Vermont Jobs Tour, but a good way to push back on Republican claims that Democrats are job-killers.

However… this logo.


I take one look at that, and I see the bus about to go off a cliff.