Hey, they fixed Bruce’s banner!

As I surf the web, the banner ads for Phil Scott and Bruce Lisman continue to follow me like the shambling monster in “It Follows.” Last week, I noted the graphic-design shortcomings of both campaigns’ efforts — with Lisman’s being the worse of the two.

Well, maybe they read my post, because they’ve put up a new and much better banner ad.

Just as a reminder, here’s the first one.

Lisman banner ad from Politico

Yikes. Graphic mishmosh, mixed messages, the beer-bottle campaign logo adding unneeded clutter, and an awful photo of the candidate squinting into the sun. Or, as I wrote at the time, “Looks like a quick cut-and-paste job by a hyperactive five-year-old with a rudimentary grasp of Photoshop.”

And here’s the new one.

Lisman banner 3 A marked improvement. Unified messaging and lettering, a photo of Lisman gazing into the optimistic future of his campaign rhetoric. A bit squinty, but more like an experienced sea captain than a guy who’s about to suffer burned retinas.

Maybe it’s presumptuous of me to claim credit for the change, but after all, it was Lisman’s M.O. when he was running Campaign for Vermont: claiming credit for promoting an issue whether he deserved it or not.

So, Bruce, you’re welcome.


3 thoughts on “Hey, they fixed Bruce’s banner!

  1. odum

    You may think they fixed Bruce Banner, but the fix never takes in the end.
    (Sorry if I’m missed some details… I only scanned the headline quickly…)


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