And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor

Just taking a brief pause in the post-election flow of japery and badinage to remind you of the “Donate” option on this here website. I’m not going to be pushy, I’m not going to build a paywall or charge for “premium content” as if I could call this “premium content” without laughing at the kind of presumption I can’t stand in our political betters.

There are many ways you can spend whatever discretionary income our oligarchy-driven economy trickles down to you. There are worthier causes and more urgent needs. But if you appreciate this blog and you’d like to tangibilize your appreciation, hit that Donate button. Make a one-time donation or set up a recurring contribution.

I’d like to thank all the people who have already done so. It means a lot to me and my tolerant spouse. Thanks also to the larger group of people who think this outpost is worthy of their time and attention.

That’s all. Thus Endeth The Lesson. Let’s get back to the politics.


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