Scary Eagle Man Election Eve Anecdote FAIL

Gerald Malloy made the customary Election Eve rounds of all 14 Vermont counties today. The antepenultimate stop was in Rutland, where his visit sparked a touching memory of an early encounter that fortified him for the long road ahead.

“Dolores Luebke,” hmmm….

Would that be the Dolores Luebke who’s served as chair of the Pawlet Republican Committee? The Dolores Luebke who’s a Second Amendment absolutist? The Dolores Luebke who has repeatedly made baseless accusations of election fraud against former state representative Robin Chesnut-Tangerman, who’s now running to retake his old seat?

Yeah, if that’s the kind of “substance” Malloy possesses, allow me to fervently hope he loses by a truly embarrassing margin.


Luebke is named as organizer of a 2014 forum on potential gun legislation held in West Pawlet under the aegis of Gun Owners of Vermont, a group that fervently opposes any legislation that might limit gun rights in any way. She has identified herself as chair of the Pawlet Republican Committee.

On August 24, 2020, Luebke sent a letter to Will Senning, head of the Secretary of State’s Elections Bureau. In it, she alleged “irregularities” in the handling of ballots from the August 2020 primary election.

Specifically, she alleged that Middletown Springs’ sealed ballot bags were reopened “at the request of an elected state representative who was also a candidate” in the primary. That could be no one on God’s green Earth but Chesnut-Tangerman. Luebke demanded an investigation.

We should pause here and note that at the time, Luebke was the Republican coordinator for the district then represented by Chesnut-Tangerman. In short, she was actively involved in trying to defeat him when she accused him of flouting the law.

Senning’s office looked into it and found no evidence of wrongdoing.

That didn’t stop right-wing reporter Guy Page from dredging up the accusation this year when Chesnut-Tangerman accepted the Democratic nomination to run against Republican Sally Achey, who had narrowly defeated him two years ago. Page breathlessly, and inaccurately, reported that Chesnut-Tangerman had himself opened the sealed ballot bags.

Page was forced to run a correction. He rewrote the original story to remove the direct allegation — but his revised story still insists on Chesnut-Tangerman’s “apparent prompting for town officials to reopen sealed ballot bags.” That’s the absolute minimum possible revision, and it still leaves the impression that Chesnut-Tangerman was up to no good.

All of this means that Luebke’s 2020 letter was full of shit. She was clearly trying to smear a leading Progressive/Democratic candidate she was campaigning against.

And she’s still chewing on this dry old bone. In April, she wrote an essay posted on Page’s Vermont Daily Chronicle alleging that Chesnut-Tangerman “coerced the Middletown Springs Board of Civil Authority to illegally open the sealed voted and not-voted ballot bags from the election in his presence.”

“Coerced” how exactly? Sword dangling over their heads? Loved ones held at gunpoint?

On October 21, she returned to the Chronicle to reheat the accusations in the homestretch of the race between Achey and Chesnut-Tangerman. In fact, she went beyond the ballot-bag bit to directly accuse Chesnut-Tangerman of being involved in a scheme to rig the counting of write-in votes.

This is the lady who spoke so kindly of Gerald Malloy. Which shows you the caliber of folks who believe that Scary Eagle Man has “substance.” And it provides a fresh, and unflattering, perspective on Malloy’s heartwarming anecdote.


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