Just Shut Up, Phil (And Other Observations)

“Deeply disappointed,” my ass.

As long as he continues to voluntarily wear the Republican badge, Gov. Phil Scott is in no position to bemoan the disastrous Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade. Besides, he has no power whatsoever to make anything happen about this. In fact, I assume that if he had his way, we’d elect Christina Nolan to the U.S. Senate, which would be one more nail in the coffin of reproductive rights.

Indeed, if those pesky rumors about a Phil Scott run for Congress had come true (and he’d won, which could have happened because Nice Guy), he’d be helping his party retain or expand Congressional majorities, which would mean even more anti-choice judges.

“I signed a law”… that the Democratic Legislature pushed through with no help from your fellow Republicans. “I will be voting for that amendment,” but the vast majority of your fellow Republicans won’t be. You can roll your disappointment up real tight and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Phil Scott likes to pretend that his party has gone off the rails fairly recently. Say, with the nomination of Donald Trump. Problem is, his party has been working to overturn Roe v. Wade since the 1991 confirmation of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. He was nominated by George H.W. Bush. Justices Alito and Roberts were nominated by George W. Bush. The other three radical judicial activists were installed by Trump and Mitch McConnell.

This isn’t a recent thing. This is the last three Republican administrations working in concert to build an ultraconservative Court majority. This is a consistent, thirty-plus-year-long effort by the GOP.

Phil Scott’s GOP.

I trust that Scott also won’t be voting for any anti-choice Republicans in November. That would include his two state representatives, Anne Donahue and Kenneth Goslant. Both of them voted against PR. 5, the constitutional amendment protecting reproductive rights. They were two of 41 House Republicans voting “Nay” on the question. In the Senate, a majority of the tiny Republican caucus also voted “Nay.”

And that’s getting worse. The VTGOP is moving rapidly to the right. Republican lawmakers with moderate beliefs, or who are willing to work with Democrats on legislation, are gradually being weeded out. They are being replaced by anti-choice, pro-Trump Republicans.

Christina Nolan, the likely nominee for U.S. Senate, claims to be pro-choice but opposes PR. 5, so there you go. Plus, if she were somehow elected, she’d be helping return Mitch McConnell to power, which would mean no more Supreme Court appointments for President Biden. I suppose she’d express dismay if McConnell were to block Biden nominees, but that’s worse than useless — it’s insulting.

The two Republicans running for Congress are both ultraconservative types. Of the two Republican candidates for lieutenant governor, Sen. Joe Benning voted for PR. 5, while Gregory Thayer is a far-right Trumpist who helped organize a bus trip to Trump’s rally on January 6, although he assures us he never entered the Capitol building.

And the only candidate for the four other statewide offices is good ol’ H. Brooke Paige, a genial fellow but an extremely conservative one who is publicly anti-abortion.

So, out of seven statewide contests, the Republicans have fielded a mere three candidates who self-profess to be pro-choice and only two who support PR.5.

You know what that is? It’s an anti-abortion political party. It’s the party Phil Scott helps put a smiley face on. It’s the party Phil Scott supports.

So spare me your deep disappointment, governor. It doesn’t mean a damn thing.


3 thoughts on “Just Shut Up, Phil (And Other Observations)

  1. Rama Schneider

    I think this federal GOP move on SCOTUS justices goes back to Bork. He was willing to rule against any claimed civil rights that weren’t specifically mentioned in the words themselves.

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      I could have put the starting point at Reagan’s election, but I chose to focus on the extant justices. Really, the last Republican who didn’t try to shove his party to the right was Eisenhower.


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