Dregs of the Ballot: This Is How You Do It

In my pre-TMD series on far-right candidates seeking local office, I’ve criticized our news media for taking a cookie-cutter approach to the races. They often put in the absolute minimum effort, and thus fail to reveal the actual agenda of these hopefuls.

Well, I have to say the Bennington Banner hit this one out of the park. In a story profiling a school board race in Arlington, reporter Greg Sukiennik wrote all that needs to be written about the candidate pictured above: Luke Hall, who resigned from the Vermont State Police last year for social media posts in support of the January 6 insurrecrtion.

Posts like “Cheers to the great Patriots in Washington DC,” and “it might be war.”

Yeah, not a good look for a keeper of public order. (Although I suspect that if someone did a social media sweep of Vermont’s law enforcement community, they’d find a lot more Luke Halls.)

The agenda for his candidacy seems to boil down to one thing: He doesn’t like mask mandates.

Well, he also mutters vaguely about mandates imposed on Arlington schools from the Southern Vermont Supervisory Union, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Hall is challenging incumbent Nicol Whalen, who seems to be the very model of an effective school trusted. She’s been on the Arlington board since 2013; she serves as the district’s representative to the aforementioned (and possibly Soros-influenced) SVSU, and she’s been an active member of the board.

I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would read that article and decide to support Hall, who effectively disqualifies himself not only because of his support of the insurrection, but because he seems to have very little idea what the job actually entails.

Of course, as we have seen in previous posts, not everyone around these parts is in their right mind.


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