The Fix Is In

Another day, another Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor. Ex-LG David Zuckerman makes four, and ex-LG Doug Racine may make it five.

Meanwhile, the Democratic field for governor is seen in the Artist’s Rendering above.

Nobody. No one. Not a soul. Zero, zilch, nada.

Dip into the Democratic rumor mill?

Crickets. No sign that anyone in Democratic circles is even considering a run.

It’s already too late for a relative unknown to mount a competitive statewide campaign. By “relative unknown,” I mean anybody who’s never held or won a major-party nomination for a statewide office. See: Christine Hallquist, 2018. After getting a late start, she didn’t have enough time to both (1) introduce herself to the electorate and (2) do the necessary fundraising.

Yup, the fix is in. Phil Scott, presumptive governor-elect. Two More Years!

Eventually, someone will step forward. For the party’s sake, let’s hope it’s someone more substantive than, say, Emily Peyton.

Like maybe, just sayin’, absolutely no inside information here, Brenda Siegel. She’s twice been a statewide candidate. She’s used to running a no-frills campaign. She’d be unafraid to go toe-to-toe with the governor.

I’m not saying she’d be competitive. The party establishment, including most of the major donors, would sit the campaign out. She’d likely face the same fate as David Zuckerman two years ago. But she wouldn’t pussyfoot around. She might, at the very least, put some dents in that Phil Scott Teflon.

I can practically hear Democratic eyes rolling back into their skulls at the prospect of Siegel being their standard-bearer. Well then, find somebody you like better. Find a credible Democrat with some backbone. A Democrat willing to fight for the party’s honor, rather than sitting back and waiting for a convenient vacancy. A candidate willing to draw clear lines between Phil Scott and the Democratic Party’s alleged agenda.

You know, that stuff they’re always talking about. Paid family leave, $15 minimum wage, a robust climate agenda, education funding reform, an array of consumer protection measures. A progressive agenda that couldn’t be hamstrung by the most veto-happy governor in state history.

It’s a tough ask. Being a statewide candidate is a huge commitment of time and energy. You’re asking someone to sacrifice ten months of their life, and almost certainly lose.

But. If the Democrats can’t find someone within their ranks willing to do that, they need to do one of two things: Support whoever wins the nomination, or shut the hell up about legislative wish lists that aren’t going anywhere until Phil Scott exits the scene.


9 thoughts on “The Fix Is In

  1. montpelier28

    Brenda Siegel would be a good choice, works for everyday Vermonters. I supported her with a donation when she ran for Lt Gov. (my donations are miniscule and usually one time).

  2. P.

    Lived in 5 different states since turn of the century. Vermont to Texas so yes to variety. Moved back couple years ago.
    Vermont exceptionalism is a crock. It was sold to mediocre people for junk money. Governor Scat is an empty corporate suit with a shiv held in reserve. I call the Democrats cowards…
    This report re-enforces my feelings.

  3. Russell Frank

    It might have something to do with electing a Lt Governor who it appears was not interested in being our Lt Governor. On the other hand maybe our Lt Governor was not aware that Senator Leahy was old.

  4. hallquistblog

    Our politics are in a tough place right now. When I became the Democratic candidate, I had a “bread and butter” issue to run on, which was broadband. The truth of the matter is that Medicare for All and Climate Change were, and are very important to me. I quickly learned that these two items were not a major issue for most Vermonters, so they were relegated to second and fifth place in the campaign.
    Today I am very pleased to be working on broadband with the Communication Union Districts. It was Governor Scott who asked me to do so, for which I am grateful. It was the excellent work of the legislature that will make broadband for all possible.
    I am no political expert, however I do fear that as we plunge further into the hell-hole of the racist national GOP demagogue-worshiping platform, coupled with inflation and COVID, Vermonters are falling further down the hierarchy of values. When Vermonters are thinking about survival, it is tough to think about policies to make things better a decade or two now.
    I loved running for governor. I spent eight months sleep deprived, under high stress, neglected exercise, and consumed too much bad food and good beer. However, it was so rewarding that I would not change anything. With that said, the job of running as the Democratic candidate is significantly more difficult this time around.

  5. P.

    Not even trying to pass a mask mandate, getting the contractor registration vetoed in a crimey way AND not running run a candidate for governor? And commercials about how our voices are not being heard on national scene?
    Man I miss Howard Dean.

  6. P.

    One last thought, what are people going to do if the upcoming reproductive rights amendment gets vetoed by Governor Scott?


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