Dregs of the Ballot: Ericka Redic Goes Double-Dipping

Ericka Redic, ultraconservative wannabe YouTube star, is running for office again. In fact, she’s running for two offices at once! That might pose a problem if she stood the slightest chance of winning either one.

Redic is on the Burlington city ballot as a Fourth Ward candidate for school board. She’s challenging board member Martine Laroque Gulick and, unless something truly weird happens, she’ll be nothing more than a speedbump for the incumbent. But Fourth Ward voters should know exactly what kind of choice they’re being offered. To judge from her general worldview, it’s safe to expect she’ll oppose mask mandates, beat the critical race theory drum and call for inquisitions of teachers and school librarians. Just what the voters of Burlington are looking for.

Meanwhile, Redic has filed campaign papers with the Federal Elections Commission as “Ericka Redic for Congress.”

The campaign committee is a model of streamlining. The treasurer of the organization is “Redic, Ericka L., Mrs.” T designated agent is “Redic, Ericka L., Mrs.” And the Custodian of Records is “Redic, Ericka L., Mrs.” As far as can be told, Ericka Redic for Congress is a one-person operation. Cozy!

Redic is one of a handful of far-right Republicans who’ve taken over the city Republican Committee which, these days, has trouble mustering a quorum of 10 for its meetings. She was one of three who actively sought the ouster of then-city chair Kolby Lamarche, who has since been replaced by Burlington’s Most Famous Transphobe, Christopher-Aaron Felker. (Who is also on the ballot, running for City Council in Ward 3, where he finished a poor third in last year’s special election with a mere 13.8% of the vote. Why he’s trying again, your guess is as pointless as mine.

Redic made a run for state Senate in 2020, and finished ninth in the general-election contest for six seats. To give you an idea of the yawning gap between the two major parties in Chittenden County, all the Democrats but Sen. Chris Pearson got more than 43,000 votes. Pearson was sixth with 33,445. Redic finished with 18,945.

Redic is also the “star” of not one, but two rarely-watched YouTube programs. First came “Generally Irritable,” which racked up an impressive 144 installments. The show’s feed has attracted a grand total of 240 subscribers. It included interviews and political rants as well as the occasional “comedy” short. In one, she plays a landlord who can’t afford to live in the house she owns because of taxes and red tape, so she builds a shed on a city bike path. Because, ha ha ha, homeless people have been camping on public property so she is too. It’s that kind of empathy that makes Redic’s vids so hard to watch.

In January 2021 she and Guy Page of the Vermont Daily Carbuncle launched “The Ericka Redic Show,” which was supposed to be a weekly public-affairs program.

I say “supposed to be” because it seemingly petered out after a mere six episodes produced between January and March. The total number of viewers might explain why it died a quiet death. The first episode had 351 views. From that height came a plummet: 294, 250, 123, 86 and finally 143.

It’d be sad if the numbers didn’t so accurately reflect the quality and watchability of the product.

So, her video career seemingly sidelined due to lack of interest, Redic has returned to the hustings and thrown not one, but two metaphorical hats into the metaphorical ring.

And she might actually win the primary at least. So far she’s the only Republican to enter, which makes her the early favorite for the August primary. But she stands about as much chance of winning a seat in Congress as she does of taking home an Emmy for her low-budget videos.

I poke fun, but in reality she’s no more fringey than a few dozen members of Congress. Unfortunately she’s chosen to make her home in Vermont rather than a place where the voters have no trouble electing the Marjorie Taylor Greenes and Jim Jordans of the world. Here, she’s nothing more than a curiosity.

Postscript. I know of quite a few conservatives who are running stealth candidacies for local office. I’m sure there are more out there. If you have information on any, please get in touch. They can run, sure, but they shouldn’t get away with being dishonest about their beliefs.


8 thoughts on “Dregs of the Ballot: Ericka Redic Goes Double-Dipping

  1. Stu Lindberg

    Not much substance to your column. Logic and reason work much better than character assassination.

    ad hominem
    hŏm′ə-nĕm″, -nəm
    Attacking a person’s character or motivations rather than a position or argument.
    Appealing to the emotions rather than to logic or reason.
    Of or relating to ad hominem.

    1. Chester P. Honeyhugger

      stu lindberg remember me – your hair looked really nice the last time we met – are you still a lobbyist for the military/industrial complex?

  2. P.

    Stu offers the polite troll method of arguing off topic with a barrage of noise, significant of nothing. Probably going to critique my language choice. Troll mo’ blues.

  3. Michael Kell

    This type of reporting out is classic! I don’t call it journalism, I call in the VG, Vermont Gossip. I’d just say you don’t like Ms. Redic and be done with it.

  4. Benjamin Redic II

    The analysis of the numbers was interesting but if you did all that work and are still labeling Ericka as an Ultra Conservative I’m disappointed in your level of research. You clearly aren’t well informed on her politcal beliefs and more importantly the lanes of logic she used to get to those beliefs.
    And it’s interesting for someone to be taking shots at an individuals views/engagement etc. on a post that had a grand total of 7 interactions. 3 of which are from yourself and a site that’s been around as long as yours and did maybe 8.5k views last month?
    I would expect better from someone claiming to be a liberal or an actual “journalist”.


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