Cowards of the County

It goes without saying that state Sen. Russ Ingalls is an asshole. What might not be obvious at first glance is that he’s also a lily-livered coward.

Ingalls has gotten himself into a well-deserved spot of bother by publicly decrying — and doxxing — Sam Carbonetti, a middle school teacher who had the temerity to ask his class to “introduce themselves using their preferred names, pronouns and interests.” A parent, Ben Morley, posted a complaint on Facebook. Ingalls reposted it along with Carbonetti’s email address, so people could complain to the teacher directly.

Carbonetti posted the incident on Twitter, and quickly got an overwhelmingly supportive response. Including a tweet from Senate President Pro Tem Becca Balint, who vowed to look into possible sanctions against Ingalls.

Ingalls is an asshole because he’s so hot and bothered about nothing at all just as he is over critical race theory, about which he is wildly (and willingly) misinformed. It’s “nothing at all” because Carbonetti merely asked his students to identify themselves. He didn’t say anything about L, G, B, T, Q, I, A, or X. Morley and Ingalls made that inference in their own dirty little minds.

Which brings us back to “coward.”

Ingalls is a coward because he hasn’t, and apparently won’t, take his complaints directly to school officials. He doesn’t want to have a conversation about this, because he knows deep inside that he’d come across as an uneducated buffoon. He’s willing to bullshit on social media and he’s happy to air his grievances before audiences of like-minded people, but Heaven forbid that he should enter into dialogue on an even playing field. He is a wimp. He is a wilting flower. He is a snowflake in the noonday sun. He is a yellow-bellied skitterbrook.

And so is Morley, who has not communicated with school officials and did not respond to two calls for comment from VTDigger. He’s fine with social media blustering, but he doesn’t have the courage to face other points of view or any sort of public scrutiny whatsoever.

Fortunately, school officials appear to have Carbonetti’s back. Because he has done nothing wrong, except to treat his students as human beings with their own identities.

I don’t know what the Senate can do about Ingalls. Not much, I suspect. It’ll be interesting to see how his fellow Republicans deal with this, not to mention the VTGOP. Let’s see if his party condemns his cowardly actions.


23 thoughts on “Cowards of the County

  1. Richard Ley

    Actually parents should be in control of their children as long as they are footing the bill.

    Let’s remember the parents also pay these teachers salary along with the school boards that are pushing critical race theory and other destructive information on to our children

    When parents give these children a name it is not up to a teacher or anyone else to alter it unless they are authorized by the parents to do it.

    I will ask you personally are you willing to take one of these children into your home so you can pay for the child to be indoctrinated while excluding the parents?

    I’m posting a video of larry elder who was a successful black man in America in spite of the challenges he faced which are the same challenges we all face.

    As an American he had all of the opportunities any one of us has and he took advantage of them to make himself successful… He never viewed himself as a victim he viewed himself as an achiever and that is exactly how he sits where he does now.

    Larry is running to replace newsome in california and stands a very good chance of replacing the communist leadership that has destroyed such a beautiful state.

    He talks about racism in and I think anyone reading your page will be very interested in what he has to say…

    Now we have critical race theory being taught in our schools… We never had problems until somebody started dreaming up the dumbing-down of the children in our school systems.

    I worked in a school system years ago and the corruption and the theft and the misinformation provided to our children is disgusting enough that one of our teachers who was also one of the favorites of the children in the high school decided he was quitting and leaving the state because he would not put up with passing children into a higher grade unless they were ready to move on… I was down south and there were many people of color in the schools however not many problems regarding race…

    You see we’re using race as a way to indoctrinate our children..

    This needs to stop we need to insist that our schools are centers of education and not indoctrination.

    We need to remove any teacher from a school who violates a child and the parents like this man did.

    I’m also adding a video about black lives matter just to have input as to the deception that the people in America are being fed.

    What’s scary is we have so many people gullible enough to believe the lies they are being told.

    I have black friends that are totally opposed to black lives matter and critical race theory because it is teaching racism that will never end racism.

    Are they racist for doing that!

      1. Richard Ley

        So why are you saying the black people who disagree with critical race theory black lives matter and the rest of the marxist movement are wrong?

        Are you calling them racist?

  2. Doug Hoffer

    Richard Ley complained about “the communist leadership that has destroyed such a beautiful state [California]. Interesting. For 32 of the last 54 years, California has been led by Republican governors.

    Ronald Reagan (R) 1967–1975
    George Deukmejian (R) 1983–1991
    Pete Wilson (R) 1991–1999
    Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) 2003–2011

    1. Richard Ley

      And what has gone on from 2011 to 2021… Why is it that people want to recall newsome

      Why is it the people in the state of Vermont want to replace the socialist phil scott

      Because most democrat leaders and traitors suck

      1. Walter Carpenter

        “Why is it that people want to recall newsome.”

        It is because he turned his back on the demos who elected him.

        And the people of Vermont do not want to replace the “socialist Phil Scott,” or they would have given the 5th floor to Zuckerman during the election of 2020. If anything, the people of Vermont want to keep Phil Scott. If anything, people are flocking to Vermont because he handled the pandemic far more rationally than any other Republican governor and did not sacrifice his people for his own political benefit. If Scott were a socialist he would finally use his enormous political capital to do something about the health care mess rather then cede it to the privateers of OneCare.

    2. Richard Ley

      Not sure if I have the right doug offer but i’m going to assume it is you who serves the state of Vermont.

      I’m posting something that I found elsewhere and I would like your response if indeed this is you.

      when the FBI tells you to keep your mouth shut you better keep your mouth shut.🇺🇸💪
      Tipping off Hoffer is a federal crime as serious as it gets… That FBI agent in Boston tipped Winter Hill off and Jimmy Bulger was gone for 16 years. 🤣
      It’s a wicked embarrassment and touchy subject with the FBI so those that do it now are going to suffer the wrath of the justice department…
      Just in time for Rico to I might add#rico
      #ricomfers🇺🇸Stu Hurd is going to get arrested for this
      So isn’t Senator Campion 🤣🤣🤣.. Monday was rough on the town manager and Junior Senator. and Aunt Mary 🤣🤣🤣 Tuesday is going to be just as bad…🤣🤣🤣..
      Wait for it . Ain’t they Duck?
      Someone tipped Stu off.
      The feds know who it was.. so don’t we 🇺🇸💪🎯
      You supposed to wipe your ass after you’re done..not before. 🤣🤣
      The FBI caught Stu Hurd trying to obstruct Justice with the state auditor…
      Hoffer doesn’t have our phone number the feds gave us.. 🤣 only person in Vermont besides me to have it is Daniel Trudeau..🤣🤣🤣
      So how did Doug Hoffer get it ? 🤣
      And why is he calling now a day after I posted about the Justice of the Peace in the state legislator and the junior state senator being on the board of Stu hurds Green mountain networking nonprofit.🤣
      Brian can’t call Dick Sears.. to bail him out
      Dicks is in as much trouble as anyone..
      You didn’t know now you know big E


  3. Walter Carpenter

    “As an American he had all of the opportunities any one of us has and he took advantage of them to make himself successful..”

    Yes, and this is how he became “successful” by taking advantage of his “opportunities.” The good old fashioned American way. One headline from the LA Times I saw called him “the black face of white supremacy.” He’s done a really good job of becoming successful by disparaging others….I do not think that many Afro-Americans want to emulate him.

    Larry Elder: Top California governor candidate has a long history of making disparaging remarks about women – CNNPolitics

  4. Richard Ley

    John why would we want to give up a hunter biden’s laptop when it has a ton of information exposing the criminal biden family?

    Why aren’t you calling for a full-blown investigation into this laptop… You know something like they did for the previous president.

    Why would the laptop continue to be hidden?

    Everyone in America should be in favor of transparency.. after all joe biden promised that..

    We’re all still waiting to see it happen.

    Don’t you think everyone in America is accountable for their crimes?

    Come on man.

      1. Richard Ley

        Actually it has never been debunked by any credible source.

        The FBI has had the laptop since before the election have they debunked it!

        A business partner of the biden crime family came forward and expose them not only did he expose them he turned over two cell phones full of information about their corrupt business dealings.

        Do you really want me to believe you’re not aware of this?

        This is something that should have been addressed before the election and was completely hidden by every source that is control by the corrupt democrat party.

        Explain to me why wouldn’t the FBI expose the contents of the laptop and why have they not done it to date?

        Why did some news stations expose some of the contents that they could expose on a TV?

        Why didn’t all news sources expose the content of the laptop instead of trying to call it russian misinformation.

        We need a thorough investigation of the democrat party and hunter biden’s laptop.

        If you believe in the rule of law in America you should not have any objection to that.

        And in light of the recent lies exposed by the corrupt biden administration after he sent 13 young soldiers to their death there needs to be a thorough investigation in an impeachment.

        Don’t just come back with ridiculous statements come back with some facts.

  5. Richard Ley

    God forbid we expose the truth of the corrupt person in the white house today.

    Why would any true American be opposed to hearing the truth?

      1. Richard Ley

        One of the comments is from august 31st..

        Come on you old egg sucker get busy!

        There’s a lot of truth to be exposed about hunter biden’s laptop and how it ties the biden’s to criminal activity around the globe.

        Come on man.. the truth never hurt anybody

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