Bernie’s hometown bros could use a little help

Fun fact: When you Google “Has Bernie Sanders Endorsed Matt,” it autofills “Has Bernie Sanders Endorsed Mattresses.”

Unfortunately, the search results don’t shed any light on whether Bernie has sold out to Big Serta, or if he prefers the versatility of a Sleep Number. (Heck, for all I know he’s still rockin’ the waterbed.)

I discovered this irrelevant factoid when trying to find out if Bernie has ever endorsed Matt Dunne for governor. The answer, once I undid the autofill, is apparently no. Dunne endorsed Bernie very early in his campaign for governor, and has lashed himself to the rhetorical mast of the S.S. Sanders, but the Junior Senator has not returned the favor.

Dunne did manage to bag Bernie’s campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, whose endorsement was announced today by the Dunne campaign.

Which begs the question, What About Bernie?

Same thing with the race for lieutenant governor. You’d think that David Zuckerman would be a natural for a Sanders nod, but no dice.

Active support from Bernie could make a yooge difference for Dunne and Zuckerman. Instant credibility with the primary electorate, and a likely influx of money. It’s not that Bernie is above dipping his toe into state politics; his backing of Rep. Chris Pearson was a windfall for the Progressive state senate hopeful.

Plus, it’ll be more than a bit embarrassing for the vaunted “political revolution” if the Democratic primary winners are Shumlin cabinet fixture Sue Minter and House Speaker Shap Smith. People might start thinking that the Bernie phenomenon is more of a personality thing than an movement of ideas.

Sanders must have some time on his hands these days, now that he’s done sitting glumly in the cheap seats at the Wells Fargo Arena. How a’bout it, Bernie? Can you spare a little love for ya boyz back here at home?

Failing that, can someone explain why he’s staying out of two highly pivotal contests in his home state?

Meanwhile, I’ll note in passing that Sue Minter has bagged a big-name endorsement: Howard Dean has come out for the former Transportation Secretary. Now it’s on to Winooski! And Williston! And Underhill! And Richmond! And Waterbury. And Montpelier!!! YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Bernie’s hometown bros could use a little help

  1. odum

    Because he’s Bernie. That’s what he does. Or rather in this case, what he doesn’t do – at least generally speaking (obviously there are exceptions). It’s driven a lot of the Progressive candidates in particular nuts over the decades.

  2. Brooke Paige

    Nobody has ever claimed that Bernie is generous with, or willing to share, his political capital or to work on behalf of others unless he directly benefitted from the effort. When it come to his own resources, Bernie is all about Bernie – sorry Matt and David !


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