Strange bedfellows

Just saw Peter Galbraith’s first TV ad. The most interesting thing in it was the last line:

“Roger Allbee, Treasurer.”

Hmm. Roger Allbee. Lifelong Republican. Agriculture Secretary in the Jim Douglas administration. In 2014, he became a Democratic candidate for State Senate in WIndham County — without actually becoming, you know, a Democrat.

He was effectively running to fill the vacancy opened by Peter Galbraith’s decision not to seek re-election. He enjoyed Galbraith’s endorsement.

He also committed a world-class gaffe at a candidates’ forum:

Whoever is elected represents all the people, whether they’re Democrat, Republican, they’re colored, they have alternative preferences, we represent everyone in the county. Everyone. We represent every citizen.

“Colored,” eh?

“Alternative preferences,” eh?

Plus the inartful use of the Republican form of “Democratic.”

Shortly after Allbee announced his candidacy, I happened to be guest host on the late lamented “Mark Johnson Show” on WDEV, and I booked Allbee as a guest. He did plenty of bobbing and weaving, He outlined vaguely centrist positions on a variety of issues. He refused to commit to the Democratic Party. My conclusion at the time:

…he hasn’t changed a bit: he’s still a moderate Republican, and his positions are more or less in line with the likes of Phil Scott.

It’’s a long way from that, to the alleged progressivism of Peter Galbraith. Cronyism and mutual backscratching over principle?

And by the way, Allbee finished a distant third in the race for two Democratic nominations. The winners were incumbent Jeanette White and newcomer Becca Balint. The ol’ Galbraith magic came a cropper.


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