Kevin Mullin Is Disappointed In You

Poor, poor State Sen. Kevin Mullin (R-Oatmeal). He might just have to relinquish his spot in our delegation to the Republican National Convention. And it’s all our fault.

Mullin, last seen trying to sneak pro-gambling language into a couple of unrelated bills, and seen before that loitering incuriously outside the room that Norm McAllister “shared” with his teenage “assistant,” says that if Donald Trump keeps winning primaries, he won’t be a party to Trump’s coronation in Cleveland.  He told VPR’s Mitch Wertlieb:

“… after Tuesday night, I’m not so sure that there is an alternative path. We’re still trying to assess the numbers to see if there is a way to try to get to a brokered convention and have some sanity prevail,” he says.

You know the Republican Party is in bad shape when “sanity” equals “a brokered convention.” Where someone other than the top two vote-getters would be parachuted into the nomination, perhaps without winning a single vote in the primaries.

See, Mullin doesn’t like Ted Cruz either. His hot ideas: John Kasich, who still trails Marco Rubio in delegates, or Paul Ryan, who didn’t run and says he won’t accept the nomination.

In other words, Kevin Mullin is hoping that his party overturns the will of its voters. Because, I suppose, the Republican Wise Men Know Best.

This is the same kind of attitude displayed by ex-Governor Jim Douglas when he told Paul Heintz, “I gotta be honest: I can’t name a single Trump supporter.”

Out of touch much?

Mullin might know a few Trumpians; there’s more of ‘em in Rutland than in the genteel redoubt of Middlebury, where Douglas looks down upon the Great Unwashed with muted disapproval. But Mullin would be happy to steal the nomination away from Trump — the man who, on Tuesday, set an all-time record for total votes earned by a Republican Presidential candidate — because the pumpkin-hued braggart doesn’t meet Mullin’s lofty standards.

Well, partially lofty standards. Mullin would be perfectly satisfied to have a staunchly anti-abortion warmonger intent on bankrupting the Treasury via tax cuts that would embarrass George W. Bush. But that’s where the Republican Party finds itself: in a place where John Kasich is an unelectable “moderate.”

Next week’s Indiana primary could spell the end for any hope of stopping Trump. But now the stakes are even higher:

Mullin says no one has been elected to the Republican convention yet, but he would base his decision on whether to attend or not on the outcome of the Indiana primary on Tuesday.

Oh noooooo. Surely the people of Indiana will wake up and realize the gravity of their position. Vote the wrong way, and Kevin Mullin stays home.

There are limits to his disdain. He won’t say how he will vote if Trump is, indeed, the nominee. Which means one of two things: (1) he’ll abstain from voting for president, or (2) he’ll hold his nose and vote for someone he believes is unsuitable.

Shorter version: (1) coward, (2) hypocrite.

In a way, it’s nice to know that Republicans’ intolerance for democracy (as expressed in their voter-suppression efforts across the country) extends even to their own ranks. Their contempt is not directed solely at potential Democratic voters, but at their own supporters as well.

The Republican voters of America have disappointed Kevin Mullin. It’s time for Indiana to make things right.


2 thoughts on “Kevin Mullin Is Disappointed In You

  1. chuck gregory

    Mullins attitude is another indicator of how the state Republicans have been infected by the national GOP. We can expect even more of them to start attending the annual ALEC legislative drafting sessions which have done so much to destroy constitutional government in Wisconsin, Michigan, Arkansas, Missouri and Indiana, to name a few of the states. People might want to see the movie, “Hot Coffee,” about how the right wing has bought Supreme Court majorities in states where judges are elected, for starts. Keep you eye on the state GOP.

  2. Walter Carpenter

    “Mullins attitude is another indicator of how the state Republicans have been infected by the national GOP.”

    Right on, Chuck.


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