Will the Franklin County GOP station a bouncer at the door?

Well, this could be interesting. In fact, if anyone in the Vermont media can spare a reporter, I’d suggest a trip up to St. Albans.

That’s right, friends. All of Franklin County’s Republican luminaries under one roof. With Phil Scott his very ownself. And Tayt Brooks, fresh off a star turn teaching CPAC attendees the useful lessons of past successful campaigns. Presumably not including anything that Tayt Brooks ever worked on. He was last seen in these parts spending a million-plus of Lenore Broughton’s fortune to absolutely no effect in the 2012 campaign.

Didja notice the conspicuously missing name?

Yeah, Norm McAllister. Apparently his Senate suspension also applies to Franklin County Republican events.

They hope.

 Based on Clueless Norm’s distant relationship with reality, what’s the likelihood he’ll crash the party?

I’d say 95 percent. After all, he did show up unbidden to the Franklin County Legislative Breakfast in January. In fact, he even tried to chair the meeting. They didn’t let him do that, but they didn’t kick him out either.

If he tries to get in, do they let him? Who, if anyone, shakes his hand? (Ten bucks for a photo of Phil Scott and Norm McAllister shaking hands — or even just exchanging a greeting.) Where does he sit, and does the entire section suddenly clear out?

Could be fun times. If I were an assignment editor, I’d get somebody over there. After all, even if Norm doesn’t show up, it’d be a great time to quiz county lawmakers on questions like, “Talked to Norm lately?” or “What will you do if he files for re-election?”

You could also catch up with potential Senatorial candidates all at once. It’d be especially interesting to hear what they have to say about potentially running against McAllister in the Republican primary.

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