Image Recycling: sign of a truly green candidacy

State Sen. David Zuckerman put out a Tweet yesterday touting his yard signs:

Camel’s Hump profile. Clean, direct, classic symbol of Vermont. Not exactly original, though…

Oh, snap!

8 thoughts on “Image Recycling: sign of a truly green candidacy

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      If by “his” you mean Dave Zuckerman, well, there’s an essentially identical logo on his campaign website.

      I just hope he didn’t hire the same graphic designer as Snelling’s.

  1. David Zuckerman

    All fair. I had no memory of his sign. But somehow I think we will both survive to laugh about it and have a beer to discuss it someday.

    I will also ask Mark whether he had his signs made up on either side from the different perspectives in Vermont, the east view as well as the view from the west? Mine has both. : )

  2. mark snelling

    David and I live near each other and share the same view, not views. It is a spectacular mountain and worthy of many signs. Does it really have another side?


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