Phil Scott, blowin’ in the wind

I realize that our universally-liked lieutenant governor is new at this whole “leadership” thing. He’s unaccustomed to taking strong stands and providing firm direction. But if he wants to be Governor, he’d better start practicing. Because right now, he’s displaying the opposite of leadership on the issue of paid sick leave. And the Democrats caught him in the act.

For those just tuning in, paid sick leave almost got through the Legislature in 2015 despite the anguished howls of the business lobby. Phil Scott has been right there alongside them, raising heartfelt concerns about the impact of paid sick leave on small business.

This year, paid sick leave looks certain to pass, with some modest tweaks designed to soothe the tender sensibilities of the bizfolk. And here comes our own Braveheart, triangulating his way to the winning side.

“I like the direction it’s going, and I’m happy to take a position on it once it’s out of committee,” Scott said.

The Democratic Party took note of this and pounced. Here’s a fun Twitter exchange, screengrabbed for your amusement.

Dem/Scott Twitter exchange

Oh, snap!

There’s something sad about a politician asking for a reference about something he himself said. Especially in the Age of Google, when a few minutes of research can easily dig up this stuff. The fourth Tweet links to a press release documenting Scott’s, ahem, evolution on paid sick leave. Complete with references.

The record: Scott was against paid sick leave throughout 2014 and 2015. The specific statement Scott couldn’t recall making — “We don’t need that right now” — was reported by WPTZ on December 3, 2015. Sorry, Phil.

In early January, he again stated his opposition to paid sick leave.

But now? He’s undecided, and clearly moving in favor. Or, to put it another way, he sees the train a-comin’ and he’s jumping off the tracks. I expect he will applaud the final passage of the bill as an example of how we can all work together to bridge our differences and Get Things Done, blah blah blah.

You know, I can understand why people like Phil Scott. I can understand wanting a warm, familiar, comforting presence in the corner office after the oft-contentious Shumlin years. But don’t insult my intelligence by painting him as a bold political visionary. He is not, and there is nothing in his record to suggest otherwise.

Remember, you can’t spell “leader” without “Phil Scott.”

Oh, wait. Yes you can.

4 thoughts on “Phil Scott, blowin’ in the wind

  1. Walter Carpenter

    “Oh boy 2 years of mediocrity and waffling.”

    He has not won the guv yet. At least I hope that he has not. There is still Matt Dunne and Sue Minter standing in his way.

    1. newzjunqie

      Dream on sir, it’s on the wall. Truth be told left agenda is loathed for the widespread misery from topdown decisions and, crushing property taxes. Every solution invariably includes–wait for it–another tax (surprise!) vast overeaches and criminal actions ignored by our generic disinformationist media cabal rendering it is a club and another mere society. Here in VT, no media exists that is reporting the vast extent of voter outrage.

      Comment sections of online publications yield many clues. However all are dedicated to maintaining status quo above all, silencing all threats to the empire, not unlike the Iron Curtain of the soviet era.

      I really like Dunne and he’d get my vote if I went Dem but he still must carry water for the D platform. Glowing assessment of Shummy state-of-state a turnoff.

      Meanwhile as Minter seems to be attempting to duplicate Scotts’ outreach to VTers, comes off as a ‘me-too’. Silent on policy, all show-no go busy-ness trumpeting feel-good activities chronicled in fluffy photo-ops disguise lack of substance. While Scott does similar stuff, he is well known & trusted in VT, regularly comments on current events which serve as policy postions and increses visibility. Activities going back many years involve direct contact with VTers in several venues, well-known targeted charity work, outreach to other businesses have earned Scott much goodwill. Moderate stances also an asset.

      Just proclaiming to be a doer that “get things done” ain’t gonna cut it, question is ‘what will you do, pray tell’ and the question she refuses to answer. Every request from media dismissed with cheery ‘more coming soon’ from a ‘spokesperson’. Speaks in vague generalities, and defers to Shummy with each position showing herself as a continuation of Shummys’ failed legacy.


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