Outsiders trolling for dirt on KGM sale

A very strange half-page advertisement graced page 3 of Your Monday Times Argus. It was a solicitation for inside information on the operations of Keurig Green Mountain and/or its would-be purchaser, JAB Holding Company. And, oddly, it was littered with typos and lousy grammar.

The ad was placed by something called ACTION Group, whose name is too generic to yield anything useful via Google search. At the top of the ad, ACTION Group claims to consist of “Americans Concerned To Improve Our Nation.”

Two people are named in the ad: William T. Juliano and Deborah Dickinson. You might expect them to be ambulance-chasing lawyers, but no — Juliano is a real estate developer and financier based in New Jersey and Boca Raton, Florida, and Dickinson is a longtime employee in his various enterprises.

The ad claims that ACTION Group is “very concerned” with the announced sale of KGM to JAB, described as “a huge German conglomerate whose intentions are to dominate the global coffee industry.”

You know, like the Third Reich only caffeinated. Hm, that doesn’t sound good.

The ad seeks “information on Keurig or JAB… to help us stop and/or delay this acquisition,” especially “improprieties.” It promises confidentiality, and hints at possible rewards under federal whistleblower law.

It closes with a grandiose threat of “picketing activities and a rally in Washington in early 2016.”

Strange. A Google search of Juliano and Dickinson doesn’t reveal much — and certainly nothing that would explain their interest in torpedoing the KGM sale.

Ask me, this smells funny. But what they could possibly gain from it, I have no idea.

The ad includes Juliano’s cell number, 609-206-2326. I don’t care enough to give him a call. If you do, or if you know anything else about this enigmatic venture, fire away in the Comments.

5 thoughts on “Outsiders trolling for dirt on KGM sale

  1. Lee Russ

    Is this the same William Juliano who got a lot of publicity for a sign disparaging NJ years back: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/03/nyregion/from-an-irate-developer-a-sarcastic-welcome-to-new-jersey.html?_r=0

    The one who brought a “Qui Tam” lawsuit for $75 million against the FEDERAL ASSET DISPOSITION ASS’N (FADA) (basically an arm of the old FSLIC)… http://www.leagle.com/decision/19901084736FSupp348_11021.xml/JULIANO%20v.%20FEDERAL%20ASSET%20DISPOSITION%20ASS'N%20(FADA)

    ..which apparently stemmed from his unhappiness about his efforts to bid for property that the government had taken over from failed S&Ls?

    If so, it’s a good bet that he thinks Keurig and/or JAB has harmed him in some business deal.

  2. snowman

    ” I don’t care enough to give him a call. If you do, or if you know anything else about this enigmatic venture, fire away in the Comments.” I really enjoy your blog–but this comment really puts me off. If you don’t care enough to follow through on a story, why write about it at all?
    I know it tales energy, and this is the holiday season and all, but finish the story before writing about it. Even a “no comment” from Juliano would have been better.


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