Hillary for President

Been thinking about this for a long time, waiting to see if something would change my mind. Could still happen, but for now, I’m settled.

If the presidential primary were today, I’d vote for Hillary Clinton. With apologies to Bernie, to all of Bernie’s supporters in Vermont, and to those who believe theVPO is a “hyper-partisan, far left blog.”

Why Hillary? Glad you asked.

First and foremost, Clinton is much more electable than Bernie Sanders. The policy differences between them are less important to me than keeping the Republicans out of the White House. Especially with at least two Supreme Court seats likely to come open in the next five years. It’s just hard for me to see Bernie appealing to a national electorate, especially if the Republicans come to their senses, reject the absolute crazies, and nominate someone plausible like Jeb! or Rubio.

Clinton is the best person to take on the partisan snakepit of Washington. She’s been through the wars, over and over again. She can handle it. I believe she would accomplish more than a President Sanders, even though she’d have a less ambitious agenda.

Last Sunday on “Meet the Press,” Chuck Todd asked Bernie how he’d advance a Democratic Socialist agenda through a Congress that might still have Republican majorities. Bernie acknowledged that he couldn’t do it on his own — that he’d need a “political revolution” with masses of voters demanding change. Call me cynical, but I don’t see that happening. Most people can’t be bothered to do anything more than vote once every four years. Maybe a Sanders presidency would energize the masses, but I doubt it.

Gender definitely plays a role. When other factors are equal, I’ll vote for the female candidate because women are so grossly under-represented in American politics. There is value in having a woman President, in terms of personal connection to gender issues and in sheer symbolic terms. The more glass ceilings we can break, the better.

The whole Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton dynastic issue does concern me. But out of those four, plus Jeb!, I believe Hillary is the most qualified to be president. Yes, including Bill. Indeed, Hillary Clinton is one of the best qualified candidates we’ve had in a long time. She’s got political experience in the White House, the Senate, and on the world stage. And she’s certainly strong enough to handle the job.

Plus, I have to admit, part of me is rooting for her simply because she has taken more shit than anyone else in politics. From the cookie recipe stuff to Whitewater to Vince Foster to the blue dress to BENGHAZI!!!!! and the email business, her opponents have been trying to knock her down for a quarter century, and she’s still in there fighting. I admire her for that, and in some way, I think she deserves the ultimate victory.

By itself, of course, that wouldn’t be determinative. But it helps.

Now, if Bernie snags the Democratic nomination, I will happily vote for him. But given the Democratic field as it stands today, my choice is Hillary Clinton.

And now, a word about Joe Biden.


There’s this Biden Boomlet in political circles. I can understand why; Biden has been a fine Vice President. But he’d be well advised to finish his term and sail off into a dignified retirement.

Joe Biden has run for President twice before, and he was a spectacular failure. I don’t want to take that risk again.

Biden is the beneficiary of Backup Quarterback Syndrome. When a football team struggles, fans and media start demanding a change at quarterback. Whether it’s a young upstart or a veteran, the guy who hasn’t had the chance to fail always looks good. Clean uniform and all that. Joe Biden has never done well on the big stage, and I don’t trust him to do any better this time. A Biden candidacy would be a drag, a distraction, and a waste of resources. And if he managed to supplant Clinton for the Democratic nomination, it’d be a damn dirty shame.

So, stay out of it, Joe. It’s Hillary’s turn.

11 thoughts on “Hillary for President

  1. Patricia Crocker

    Webb is the most reasonable of all of them. I don’t trust a President who doesn’t understand how e-mails and servers work and that you can’t put more than one email on your smart phone. And I wouldn’t trust her with a 3 am phone call either. Chris Stevens did and look where that got him.

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      Patricia Crocker has a right to her opinions, which are extremely conservative. Two things:

      — How many politicians (and specifically, how many Republican presidential candidates) really know how e-mails and servers work? I sure as hell don’t.

      — How many of said Republican hopefuls could be trusted with that 3 a.m. call? Trump? Cruz? Carson? Failed executive Fiorina? I could go on, but what’s the point.

  2. amajusiak

    I never seem to be able to log in to Word Press, but I did want to let you know I wholeheartedly agree, I am sure to the dismay of my Bernie loving friends.

    My main goal is to make sure a Republican is not elected. Period. Bernie would get creamed in a national election. Remember McGovern?

    Beyond that, I am increasingly disturbed by the vicious trolling of many Bernie supporters (and I don’t buy into the theory they are Republican plants). I hope you are steeling yourself for their response to your blog. They don’t seem to realize how self-defeating it is to bash those who are ostensibly on the same side. They could take a lesson from Bernie himself who hasn’t gone negative on Hillary.

    Thanks for the post.

    Anne Majusiak Bristol


  3. verplanck

    I’m curious as to how you think any democratic president could get anything through congress. The GOP’s governing philosophy to date has been “no”. Would they rather negotiate with the next coming of Karl Marx (bernie)? Or the next coming of the Antichrist (hillary)? At this point, actual policy differences matter little to the GOP. If it’s democratic, it’s poison, regardless of who is trying to sell it.

  4. R Roper

    Love the chance to agree with John Walters! Go Hilary! Bernie will get creamed in a national election. Hillary will get creamed in a national election. She is a truly awful candidate. Biden has run two disastrous campaigns for president, true. Hillary has run one disastrous campaign for president, and is working on her second. Only difference between Bernie and Hillary is that Bernie would have coat tails in Vermont. Hillary, the bringer down of hometown hero Bernie, will have negative coat tails in Vermont. So to all the Vermont democrats like John, Peter Shumlin, Pat Leahy and Shap Smith out there working hard for Hillary, go get ’em boys!

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      I’m not a Democrat. I’ve never been formally affiliated or registered with any political party. And in fact, I used to split my vote between Dems and Repubs — but that was back when the GOP still had a moderate wing. From Michigan originally; was too young to vote for George Romney for Governor but would have. Did vote for his successor, Bill Milliken, who was a great public servant.

    2. Walter Carpenter

      “Bernie will get creamed in a national election. Hillary will get creamed in a national election.” don’t be too sure of that and I would also add that Trump or Cruz, or whatever crazy the Republicans choose as their presidential nominee will also get creamed:)

  5. Walter Carpenter

    “I don’t trust a President who doesn’t understand how e-mails and servers work.” I agree with John’s response about how many Republicans know how an email server works? For the record, neither do I. And wasn’t it the speaker-to-be, McCarthy, who admitted by an accidental slip that the whole Benghazi/email thing was a strategy cooked up by the GOP (at taxpayer expense, of course, without a thank-you to us) to discredit Hillary in the first place and try to knock her out of contention? What I do not trust about Hillary is her ties to Wall Street/Big Banks. Those ties frighten me more than email servers.

  6. Faith Biggs King

    It’s probably safe to assume that in posting your choice for president on your blog you are well aware people will comment…I mean, duh, why else would you write? Though that’s a safe assumption, I feel the need to genuflect to civility and note that: ” Of COURSE you can vote for whoever you want to vote for…” After reading your writing for some time, I doubt you will respond to passionate opposition with a string of personal insults taken from the ‘Teen-Bully-Handbook’ – laid out in sentence fragments and sprinkled with bizarre abbreviations – but I’m erring on the side of caution! It’s the internet, after all, and it seems to be in vogue to declare oneself a Post-Ideological Thinker…..(in other words, intellectual claptrap, sans coherent values and principles, masquerading as Pure Reason) after which one has free rein to attack people who give-a-shit. But I digress. Sorry! So here goes: (1) to vote for Clinton ‘because she’s a woman’ suggests her woman-ness truly matters. I just don’t see it. We all know women run the gamut of humanity (from Saint to Total Rotter) just like guys. They murder. They lie. They promote torture (ding, ding…Condy Rice…). They are principled and they are unprincipled. And there are some, Clinton is one, who are the darlings of Wall Street and the financial chieftans. I.e. They are quite happy to give her gobs of cash because they know damn well she’s not going to change a thing about this rigged system. So if “womanness” doesn’t confer special status in and of itself (I don’t see how it can) her being a woman can only matter as symbolism. We-The-People can feel good about ourselves because a member of a historic out-group has made it to the top. And that means something. After getting drunk on the symbolism of Obama, I’ve ‘sobered up’. The presidency of the US HAS to be more than a special badge we pin on members of a victimized group. “Now it’s your turn”. I can’t buy it. (2) Of course Sanders is “electable”. This is still an ostensible democracy, isn’t it? Unless you’re in on something the rest of us don’t know. Reality is outpacing the pundits, I fear. (3) Finally, nothing is ever going to change if we keep voting for people who just aren’t good enough on the biggest issues we face. I may only have a vote, but I’m not gonna give it to someone who won’t admit Wall Street owns the Federal government. Cheers!

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      All viewpoints welcome, and I’ve really got nothing against Bernie. And I wouldn’t choose Hillary only for her gender; I think she’s a stronger candidate overall.

  7. Ellen Oxfeld

    Bernie has much more cross over appeal than Hillary. Many people who would never vote for a liberal Democrat vote for Bernie because they think he is genuine and they are not rich and see Bernie as committed to people like them. Furthermore, Bernie he has been in Congress much longer than Hillary and would be better able to take on the partisanship in DC. On come issues he has been able to effectively work across the aisle.


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